🔥 Weekly friday meetup *Shoutout edition* ⚡️ Instead of the usual "behind-the- ...

in APPICS2 months ago

... scenes", in this episode our APPICS team was given the task to highlight three of their favorite APPICS users with an explanation why they stood out. Hopefully you can get some inspiration on who to follow on APPICS and also gain an understanding of when and why people perceive content as quality content.

💡 We get asked often, what type of content gets upvoted or appreciated by the communtiy and in this video different people explain what type of content they enjoy and are happy to reward with their upvote.

🤔 Now we want to know who your three favorite APPICS content creators are and why! Comment below 💬


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Wow, fantastic job @charline.cherie loved this "Shout Out" Edition, we have so many awesome and talented artists here on Appics, Im glad to be following a lot of these choices, but will have to watch again with a pen handy to check out the ones I missed!! Great job Team Appics, looking forward to next weeks Picks, Go Go Appics!

Hello guys! Check out @dashand and @bloghound too. I love this fact that the leaders revealing their top three to us. Yes I love @wolf....wood hahaha and @roamingsparrow too.

Loveyah, frenny! You're too kind ♡♡♡♡ Bless you more ♡♡♡♡

Congratulations sis! 😊

Watch until the end to find out if YOU were mentioned as well and to hear who some of the teams favorite content creators are 😁🙌

Oh,wow!! 🔥🔥🔥Thank you soooo much dear @charline.cherie,it's awesome and a big honor for me to be mentioned by you!!!😯☺️🔥💖Thank you guys for beeing a part of the fabulous APPICS platform where I can share my music with you,it's a joy and it means a lot for me!!💯✨

Congratulations to all mentioned top 3 appicians by the leaders. 😇

Haha this was great i thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed a lot too. I think im following most of the shout out users. Good times guys 😁 thanks.

I was waiting for your name to be called. Next week again. 😊

The video is quite long hahaha. Will check the whole video out later. I was able to check up to felix's second fave.

So beautiful


Just wow 😄

Awesome guys.

Sehr schön das ihr eure Top influenzer erwähnt, herzlichen Glückwunsch alle erwähnten

So many great creators 🙌🏽💗

lovely meeting out there

Yey! I knew you will be included. 😊 congratulations 🎉

Thanks 😊 🙏

Thank you so much @agent I really appreciate this, although we'll have to work on that pronunciation! 😁😊❤️

Yey!!!!! Congratulations 🎉

Lol actually i forgot to say @felixsander that the hiphop artist you mentioned that was hard to pronounce is "dookie brown flow" , its backwards... Lol i seriously thought it was funny though cuz i used to try and figure it out till someone told me.

Hahah sorry for talking so much in the beginning! Thanks to josh for translating all of that 🙏🏼 imagine if I would have named all my favorite users 😄

Felix on fire 😁

Haha thats was great.

Nice to see both of you

Yey! My 5 of my fave appicsians were mentioned. Checkout @dashand, @adribelet, @cryptocreative, @flukey, @sheylaleonela95. 😊

5 of my lols. Hope we can edit captions soon. 😁😊

You are fantastics! 👏👏🎉✨

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