📣 The news are out! APPICS is moving to the Telos Blockchain. Telos is a high-c ...

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... apacity network and the second most active blockchain platform in the world.

Since the announcement we received many questions, which will all be answered in the coming weeks.

⁉️ Why did we choose telos? What will be the benefits for all our users? How will Telos improve the user experience, account creation and overall increase the performance of APPICS?

🗓 On Tuesday the 18th of August at 9AM (Pacific Standard Time) we will post an interview of APPICS Co-founder Uma interviewing dApp developer & Telos architect Douglas Horn to discuss all of the above and more.

💬 If you have any questions that you’d like to ask the Telos team, comment them down below!


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How long can we use steem-engine to buy and sell APX?

When we move out from steemit blockchain do we need to sign up again for another account?since what we use to sign in was steem username and posting key

Great question! Watch out for the video ☺️

We are all so extremely excited and blessed about the news ...! Thank you for your wonderful job guys !!!! 🤩🍾✨

Great decision for Appics to move to Telos. 👏👏👏🥰

Awesome news. Since 3 years I am here and this is very great news I heard

Now that we will be migrating to Telos, what will happen now to our APX tokens on steem-engine? Do we need to sell it or powerup?

So beautiful

Great news! 🚀 My question is: how will existing users, APX tokens and access data be migrated to the new blockchain (hard migration vs soft migration)?

Go ahead Appics 🔥🔥

So nice,,,😍

Nice 🙌🏾

Looking forward to the interview! Don't have anything specific to ask.. but yes a lot of technical aspects will definitely be cleared I'm sure 😊

Such fantastic news that we have all been patiently waiting for, a perfect partnership!! Can't wait for to watch the video with Douglas Herd on Tuesday, and what's to come moving forward, it's going to be EPIC!! Lets Go Team Appics, Great Move and worth the wait!🕊️🚚💨🚚💨🚚💨🥰

My questions would be Will we be able to correct an Upvote and do it again ( as I made a mistake and upped this around 25 percent instead of 💯 %!?) Also will we be finally able to correct mistakes on posts and comments, and edit them after posting!? I will stay tuned for your reply on Tuesday, thank you much love and great job Uma @umaofficial !!🥰🥰🥰


Will we be able to make direct transaction or we have to depend on something like steem engine? Will all our previous post exist in our profile?

Looking forward to Tuesday💯🥂

Hi everyone, I have two questions.

Can we analyze the statistics of our transactions?

Will tools like chat activate? .

I ll love to see a chat tool here on appics

Just wanted to say that I am so impressed by the endurance and smartness of the Appics team! In this fast-changing times it is difficult to stay patient with corresponders and not go the easier way. You are obviously thinking it through!

Just awesome news 🔥

Hey APPICS team are you remember the event of "token fest in San Francisco"
I have made a video on this event and uploaded today. And take part #appicssongchallenge also through this video.

oh! that's good news for newcomers. Hopefully we can know the answers.
thanks to appics aouthority.

Starting in this wonderful APPICS application 😊😊

Your explanation always interesting and engaging. I am fan of your explanation style from Sreem fest 4. Great news. Thanks for sharing

That's a great news.

Nice!!! That sounds good 🤩