Today, we held the 3rd APPICS Ambassador Award Ceremony (AAA) 🏆with new & improved ...

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... rules!

We listened to your feedback and completely re-structured the ranking this time.
Instead of simply focusing on the quantity of votes, we now have different categories (like comments, overall engagement, votes, effort, etc) in which every ambassador was able to earn points.
Then we arranged the top 10 list according to the overall number of points per person! 🙌

Congratulations to everyone in our Top 10 for this month, we appreciate all of your effort & dedication 🙏

And one more honorable mention to one ambassador who was not in the Top 10, but still did an awesome job this month …
@sergiomendes thank you for coming up with the #loveappicschallenge❗️ it has been amazing to hear what everyone loves about APPICS, what a great initiative.

We are looking forward to more entries for this challenge 👌
And to all of our ambassadors, keep up the great work 🤝 and see you next month!


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🥺 I could not attend due to failures in my connection 😓
Thank you very much Team Appics for your support, you guys are the best 🥰😍🤩

uuuh enhorabuena, estás haciendo un gran trabajo, te lo mereces ;)

Gracias 😍 que dulce.

Felicidades Joney, que bueno verte en esta lista, excelente trabajo y compromiso. ❤️✨

Gracias Sam 🤗😘

I'm sorry I couldn't attend. Can't wait to see the record. Thank You so much for the honorable mention in here. 🙈 I am loving to see so many people joining and uploading their videos.

I'm taking part soon 😉😉

Congratulations to all the Ambassadors, irrespective if on the leaderboard or not; we are all doing our part in growing the Appics Community and everyone has unique ways to contribute 🙌🏻 We are all winner's here because we believe in a platform that represents the future ✌🏻 Appics to the Moon 🚀

Hey @fycee another happy day to see you in the top 5 ❤❤ congratulations @ajinkyajagtap and all other ammbassadors for Your work in our loving platform 🎉🎉

Wow, Congratulations to everyone, and way to go @ajinkyajagtap on first place!!and Was Surprised to see @marwitt at second place, wow, congrats! 👍😍 Thanks so much for awarding me with the 3rd place win And awesome mention and comments to me from @josephine ! 🥰👍 So happy to have moved up from 6th place last month!! Keep up the great work Fellow Senior Ambassadors, maybe next month we will be curating from Telos!!! Go Go Appics!!👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩YOU ARE ALL WINNERS TO ME, GREAT JOB!🤩👍👍👍

Congratulations to all of us. 😇 This is my 1st time to be part of the Top 10. God Bless Everyone.😇

Congratulations, bro! 😊👍

Thanks bro.😇

I am amazed by the wonderful work all ambassadors do so far! Alles Alles Liebe an Alle! 💓🌟🌺

congratulations 👏🎉🎊 well deserved and of course... pride of 🇵🇭 @fycee and to @godlovermel25 - im just sooo happy and proud of you since you became ambassador just recently... 👏👏👏congratulations 🥂

Congrats 🎉 you beautiful human beings, keep rocking it. Go beyond the moon. Visualize it and be humble and be true to you.

Congrats to everyone! ❤️🙏🏻

So happy I have retained my spot on the 5th! Indeed these people are awesome. Happy to see new usernames on the leaderboard. I love you appics team and everyone here in the platform.

Congratulations 🎉👏

Congratulations to all the winners 🎉

My personal special congratulations to everyone

congratulations to all ambassadors 👏👏👏

Yeah congrats to you all 😍😍

Congratulations 🎉🎊🎉🎊

I also want to get gifts from appics, what kind of work can I get gifts 😕

Video record? I mean any video clip this AAA event?

I'm sure it will be posted in a few days 😊

Congratulations, everyone! 😍

Congratulations to all the ambassadors 🥳🥳 you all are doing great really.. Thank you so much for all of your support 🙏💙💙💙

Congratulations to all the winners, excellent work! ❤️✨

Congratulation all..❤😍

Congrats to all