APPICS Blockchain migration questions 💭❓ Let’s answer one of the most frequently ...

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... asked questions regarding the upcoming migration to the new APPICS blockchain powered by Telos:

➡️ Question: What will happen to our APX tokens and APX power when the migration takes place? Is there anything we need to do?

➡️ Answer: There’s nothing you need to do! Your current APX token balance will be reflected in your account on the new blockchain after the migration.

Watch the video above where APPICS Co-Founder @umaofficial speaks with Telos blockchain architect Douglas about the upcoming migration (you can find the whole video on our youtube channel)

Here are the most important facts:
❗️ Your APX token balance (both staked and un-staked) will be reflected in your new blockchain account in a 1:1 ratio. Everything stays the same.
❗️We will announce a date and time when a snapshot will be taken from your account balance, so that we can transfer the exact balance over to you new account.
❗️ You can continue to buy & trade APX on steem-engine and other exchange platforms until further notice 👍 We will let you know in time when the migration will take place and when the old token protocol will be disctontinued.

Thanks again to the whole community for your engagement and support regarding this upcoming migration! 🙏 we share your excitement and can’t wait to have our community experience the benefits of the new blockchain soon.
We are undergoing internal testing at the moment and will keep you updated about the progress - stay tuned ⏳

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Thanks for this update and explanation.😇

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Thanks a lot. Will our balances be then duplicated?. Steem + Telos?

Fantastic information I remember from watching the original video posting it was awesome, and great information as people ask me this a lot as well!! Can't wait to test it out and migrate soon, my bags were packed yesterday!!😂🕊️🧳🚚💨🚚💨🚚💨🧳🕊️

When the migration will occur? I am interested to join when you will be on Telos with something that works.

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