Full recording of our 5th APPICS Ambassador Awards (AAA) live Ceremony 🏆 It’s always ...

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... so fun to see the familiar faces and chat with our ambassadors from around the globe once a month - and of course, also to watch their reaction when they are nominated on the top 10 leaderboard! 🏅
This time we even included a video message from all of the winners that were not able to attend the live event, so that everyone can share a message with their community and also report about what they’ve been working on this past month. 💪

Congratulations again to all of our top 10 ambassadors, you are doing an incredible job spreading the APPICS movement and supporting our community! 🌎💙
An honorable mention goes out to @ajinkyajagtap who has managed to occupy the 1st place for the 3rd month in a row now 🔥 and to @mininini, who just joined our ambassador team recently and jumped to the 3rd place already in her very first month! 👏

🤫 Watch the video until the end for a sneak peek of the upcoming simplified registration process on APPICS 📱


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I felt like a movie start with my video included into the ceremony.😁👍🏻 That's a great idea @felix.sander, we should always record videos when we are not going to make it in time.

Congratulations dear. You always have the super GoodVibes videos and photos. 😊 let's Keep that fire burning.

Congratulations to all the winner Ambassadors, you all awesome! 🎉❤️

Thank you my dear. 😊

Great! Congratulations guys!

Thank you. I mentioned you because you deserved it for onboarding lots of friends here.

Thank you very very much! I hope to get more APX to support more users like you 😛

I did not arrive on time due to the wrong time ... I would have liked to greet so many users that I admire. 😭

congratulations to all the ambassadors

Namention ko Kayo ni @olivia08

Thanks you 😊

oo nga eh nkita q hahah ka shy

You deserved it bheb keep it up! Again, the most active appicsph member so far. Backed up with statistics yan. ☺️

Co Gratulation to all Ambassador ... Good Job!!!

Wow, Congratulations everyone!🏆 I was there but have been looking forward to seeing the video and the new update again by Uma , I was sleepy at 1 am lol!! Thanks once again for the second place win, it's much appreciated, Go Appics and keep up the great work everyone!🏆✨🥰✨🏆

Congratulations to us again guys. Yes @mininini is also visible in most of the comments when I visit posts here in APPICS.

Glad that I now heard all of it from Uma in this video since I can't hear anything that time due to the slow internet connection. Appics to the moon since it's a really super easy sign-ups process.
Thank you to the well-wishes everyone. See yah

cool ceremony, congratulations to all ambassadors for your amazing job you're doing for appics❣ the on-boarding process on telos wirh the new app looks simple, very cleaned up UI. great job of the developer team🤩. one wish to a topic shortly discussed during the ceremony: i strongly believe that the voting power algorithm is a USP. it keeps the content quality on a higher level and allows users to spend quality time also without appics. please don't turn this screw too much in or out 🙏.

Are you referring to when i said that we need higher RC's for Upvoting more Content 🙈 that was just my opinion because on some day's i want to Upvote more content, but I'm almost out of RC's... What's your opinion??

yes, i referred to that part of conversation. i'm also running regularly out of rc to upvote the comments in that extend i'd like to🙃. i think a limitation is protective for the normal user in a positive way. the role of an ambassador is different, more rc would make perfect sense, didn' thought about this in the previous comment.

Yeah i agree! But this also Keeps a check on Spam as user's have limited activity to do - and have to Upvote/Comment on quality content only! So let's see how this evolves in the future as we have an influx of new user's 😊


It is really cool to see the update. APPICS team continues to do a great job on the project!
Also, Congratz to all the awesome APPICS ambassadors! :)

Happy to see it. But I want to say that if you arranged a category for the general user too like this I think it will be better.
The users who upvote more they will win. It will help everyone to build up the community.

Yeah! Great idea!


Congratulations for you all ambassador..

Thanks to the @Appics team! Loved the sneak peak 😉 Everyone please stay & watch till the end till @umaofficial takes over! ✌🏻

Congratulations everyone and to all behind the success. Keep up the good work @fycee

Congratulations top 10 Ambassador. 😘😘

Congratulations great guys

Congratulations all guys 😍😍

Congratulations 🎉 dear sir ❤️


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