Are you in the holiday spirit yet? 🎅🏼🌟 It’s time to turn your Christmas mode ...

in APPICS4 months ago

... on and participate in our #APXMAS challenge to win some exclusive APX token prices! 💰🎄

Join the challenge by sharing your favorite christmas/holiday/new year moments on APPICS 📸 🎁 you have time until December 31st!

🥇 There will be 3 Winners (up to 5.000 APX tokens) + honorary mentions, which are going to be announced in the first week of January 2021.

📣 Here are the detailed guidelines for this Challenge:

🔺 Use the “APXMAS” Tag for your content to be visible and registered for the challenge. ·
🔺Share your Appics post on your Other Social Media accounts and invite your friends to join Appics and participate in thIs Holidays challenge. Be sure to Tag and mention the Appics official accounts. This will give you extra points and more chances to be one of the 3 winners❗️
🔺 Deadline for participating and sharing your post for the APXMAS Challenge is DECEMBER 31 (NEW YEAR’S EVE)
🔺Winners will be announced the first week of January.

Good luck 🍀 have fun and happy Holidays to you all! 🎄🌟


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Lets go 😎😎

I'm loving the APXMAS Challenge so far and glad to spread happy Christmas Vibes especially in these trying times! Merry Christmas and best of luck to everyone!🎄🎁🌨❄🤍🤶🤍❄🌨🤶🎄🌨❄🤍🎄

Love Christmas challenge 🎄❤️💪Good luck all 🎅🎁

My favorite contest too.

Let's go! 😎🚀

ok lobok beh

good luck all

Now let's do this!!

Let's play 🎄😎

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