Full recording of our 6th APPICS Ambassador Awards (AAA) Ceremony 🏆 These live ...

in APPICS3 months ago

... Meetups are always a fun way to connect with our global APPICS Ambassador team! 🌎
We start the video with a random Q&A session, in which some ambassadors and team members answer questions or shout out other APPICS users.
Then we announce the top 10 leaderboard 🥇 and seeing everyone’s reactions is always the best part! 😁
The winners can also leave a message or highlight a certain user from their community.

Once again congratulations to all ambassadors in the leaderboard this month, thanks to ALL our passionate ambassadors around the globe, and thanks to everyone watching! 🌎 📱

Have a blessed Sunday ☀️💛


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I‘m happy for the new Junior ambassadors !!! Great job 👏🤩✨👌🏿

thanks for sharing the ceremony. always fun to watch the reactions😊. congratulations again to all the ambassadors on and off the winning board 🎆, you're always very visible on the platform👍💪🙏.

🤩Always positive and fun 🎉 thank you Team and all Ambassadors 🤩

Oh wow! It's nice seeing everyone here in the video. So sorry guys I wasn't able to join since I have work that time. Thankful for the 6th place. Grateful to the Appics team for this recognition! Sending my warm hugs to everyone. 😍❤️💞

Loved the live meet ups we have, I was half awake this time lol but it was fun! Congrats to all the Ambassadors well done! Thanks so much for the first place win, and 2nd place win for the season, Woot, much appreciated!🥰👍🎉 Looking forward to a fresh start and new season in 2021, it will be a Epic year for Appics, Lets Go!👍🥰🎉🚀🚀🚀🚀🏆🏆🏆

Good stuff , I was laughing and smiling throughout even though I was there, love you guys and appreciate everyone and all we stand for... Let's go Appics family!

Congratulations dear team!! 🎉🎉🎉

Hello Appics
I make a video about 6th monthly APPICS AMBASSADOR AWARD was hosted by @felixsander. Please check my profile to see the video and comment me how is it for my inspiration. Have a great day.
Thank you.

Congratulations to all 😍

Congratulations to all Appics is my life

Awesome. Congratulations to all

Congratulation to all the ambassadors🙂🙂🙂

Hmm 🤔 feedback ... please include written details of answers eg easier usernames to search for ✌️

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