MABUHAY PILIPINAS! Ito na ang pina hinihintay ng lahat! Ang mabuo ang grupo ng mga ...

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... Pilipino sa APPICS!

APPICS Philippines or APPICSPH sa pinaikling kataga. Ito ang magbubuklod sa ating mga kababayan para mapanatiling nagkakaisa tayo, masaya at kalugod-lugod ang ating mga aktibidades sa palatapormang ito.

Ito din ang magsisilbing taga ulat ng lahat ng mga kaganapan, mahahalagang bagay at mga pakontest kada ikalawang Linggo.

Lubos naming ikinararangal ang mga nagtagumpay sa mga pakontest ng pamunuan at mga kilalang embahadora (Lonistellina at Charlene)

CONGRATULATIONS to the following

@appleskie @pingcess & @kneelyrac for winning the Summer of APPICS Challenge.

@pinoyviajero & @fycee for winning the SmileyAppics Week 15 & 16 Contest!

@MiggyPE on the APPICSSONGCHALLENGE - Ang pinaka bongga sa lahat ng contests. With 5,000 APX Staked Tokens Prize.

And for more APPICSPH members being seen on the Hot and Trending Posts.

The community members will try their bests to win also the HODLitChallenge and the SmileyAppics Week 17 & 18 Contest with theme Green&Yellow!

Keep up the good work!

We are Proud Filipinos.

This first ever contest aside from what @Fycee has started before (FilipinoFood Contest) will be a blast.

We will bring good-vibes to APPICS as we share funny videos that's currently trending here in the Philippines.

Our generous sponsor who is a renowned Steemit Dolphin is giving away 600 APX unStaked Tokens (Liquid) and 50 Hive-Backed-Dollars to fund the Prizes. He wants to keep himself hidden but definitely our community knows him.

It's up to the leaders if they wanted to share something for the prizes but we will try to be independent as much as possible but will show the whole world that we are all fun-loving aside from full of positive energy, enthusiasm, and motivation.

The Contest Mechanics:

A Tiktok or your Original Video of the Song It Really Hurts.

Title: APPICSPH Contest 1 by @username

~ Duration: 09 Sept 2020 - 15 Sept 2020
~ Winners Announcement: 16 Sept 2020 (Thursday)
~ Prizes 600 APX Liquid Tokens for the lucky 3-Winners
3rd Prize = 100 APX Tokens
2nd Place = 200 APX Tokens
1st Place = 300 APx Tokens

~ Tags to be used:
appicsph goodvibeschallenge itreallyhurts

Judges will be my mentor and another one will be a renowned Steemit Contest Initiator herself.

Good Luck my dear Kababayan!

Updates will be posted by @Fycee on the Comments section.


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Top 1 gets 3k delegation from me. For 1 month 😇

Thanks dear. I saw you have grown a lot here too. CONGRATULATIONS ☺️

God bless you for your generosity, sis!

We are here to support all @appicsph member. Salamat sa pa contest.

True! ☺️

Welcome!! 🎉Great Initiative 🙌🏼 looking forward to a lot of great content!

Thanks! They're all excited now ☺️

We will all try our best 😊 thanks for dropping by.

Wow lahat sana mag follow sa dito.

Sana nga po. ☺️

Thanks! Sali ka din po. Pati sa smileyappics. ☺️

Napakahusay na pagpapakilala ng ating komunidad! 😊
At maraming salamat sa isponsor ng pinakaunang paligsahan ng ating komunidad. 😉

Madaming salamat kabayan! Para sa atin ito. 😍

Ang gara ng contest na to. Good luck sa lahat!

Thanks 😊 you'll be one of the judges daw Sabi ni sponsor!

I'll try to make a video ❤️ support appicsph ❤️

Yes goooo guys! May 2 entries na!

☺️ thanks neng! Para sating lahat ito.

Ito na nga ang pinakahihintay nang lahat.😇

Totoo Yan! ☺️ Salamat din sa mga sponsors natin. Tunay ngang napakabait nya.

Excited na ako sa mga entries hihi 😁😁

Kasali ka syempre noh! 😆

Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

Philippines to the appics world.

Good initiative... sayang di ako nag titik tok. Ehe! Good luck sa mga sasali!

You can start downloading it now teh edz! 😆

woww... good luck and lets raise our 🇵🇭 to be known as Home of World Class Talents 🥰

Yeah! That's right!

Power mga Kabayan.🙃

Best of luck to all of Filipinos. ☺️

Welcome to appics as the Philippines' community account! Keep rocking the platform 👏👏👏

Good luck sating lahaaaat😊

Way to go, team Pinas! You're doing awesome!

Thank you! 😍