Homemade Chrispy Fried Chicken

in APPICSlast month


My sister in law cooked this Fried Chicken, she only added salt but it tastes really good, even without sauce.


Buenas noches amigo @atongis deseando que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia , ese pollo se ve muy rico amigo . Un gran saludo desde venezuela.

@atongis (71),wow i love chicken and its taste is something else, may i have some please. In this part of the country chicken is for the vips in the society and not for the common.

@@@atongis,yes my dear that is just the truth. Please can you help me on how to improve on appics ecosystem. Is there any links or .........,,thanks for your support

May I come to have taste?

Haha sure, where are you from?

Hi friends, how are you? You will be fine. I saw your post. It was very beautiful. I liked your way of posting very much. I hope you will keep posting like this and keep telling us how to work like this.