An online purchase that did not disappoint! I just ordered this leche flan from a ...

in APPICS5 months ago

... nearby dessert maker and wow, I am impressed how it perfectly fits my expectations! I'm eager to make a review, it's the best. They just won a good customer in me.


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Good for you po! How many hours have you waited for it?

Not too long, an hour. Free delivery. Hahaha

Grabeh ang lucky! Dito Laguna 5 hours. Natapon pa yung syrup. Hehehe

Layo mo pala. Pero maganda diyan sa Laguna. Baka malayo at madami deliver ni seller, mass produced.

Hehehe nag iinarte lang! Feeling entitled kunwari!

Unang tingin ko Sabon ehhh joke lang .. Hehehhehe

Hahaha... 😁🤣

Ang ganda at sobrang kinis nang leche flan! Saraaap!

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