It is just mandatory here for us in Nigeria to use it. Though it's for our own good

Nigerians are smarter than americans though

You need vitamins c and d. That is it really.

Haha so true! The mask is there to keep Your germs from others, because its not a airborn illness and it only does any good if you are unable to keep a safe distance and your germs from other people so THEY dont get sick. Like on a bus where theres close contact. People still think that they wont get sick if they wear it lol!! So as long as you can safely keep your distance, and keep washing your hands You wont get sick from them coughing or sneezing on you. That includes catching a cold or the flu from them, and something we all should have been doing before all this happened!! People are so stupid sometimes!!

God you are a stupid meathead

God you are a mind fucked government controlled surf. The CDC just lowered the chance of death to .04 yesterday. This is a deep staye operation and I not asleep. Drink some battery acid pal.