Appics Token is a Sleeping Giant. The future looks good, the plan looks like a winner. ...

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... Now it all comes down to execution. 100x is easily Possible in my opinion.


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Yes... APX Token will be HUGE

Appics is so easy to use... compared to everything else.

😅 in this case we have 100% the same opinion 🤟🚀🚀🚀

I 100% Agree! And just posted the 1398.00 Apx I just bought and powered up on Steem-Engine while the prices are low before Apx Skyrockets, Woot! I have been waiting 3 years for this, Appics is going to be Epic!!

You stay speaking facts!

I believe that the APPICS token will have greater value next year

Yeah I think APPICS will explode soon. I think I will go fill up my bags some more. I don’t have nearly enough.

APPICS, one of the latest social media that runs on the Blockchain platform.

Can I get an account via my current Steemit account?

Yes you can, if you know your steemit keys check

Hi, thanks for your answer, but there is nowhere on that link where I can login. It's just a bunch of links telling me about Appics, or asking me to buy a basic account.

You can use my referral link. You will be able to register for the app and receive an email in 2-3 days. If you use android you must enter the same email you use for Google Play.

Hey, thanks man! Much appreciated! See you on there :-)

Ahaaaaaaaa! The legend has arrived