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... rate these piles from most valued to least


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1= 2x 1oz S.Af. Silver coins(no brainer) 2= 4xsilverdollars 3=$100 paper junk 4= WW2 nickle 5= 100x nickle box

Silver of course. And the crypto ChainLink (LINK)

I sure wouldn't want to be holding any Cryptos, once U.S. Electronic Sound Money is Activated...
August 11, 2020... 2.9 Hollywood Time...

None I like digital not physical. Joke well sorta, but I'm assuming that the war coin would be worth more, but honestly silver seems to be on the bulls horns right now. So would pick that, curious though what if the box is full of valuable nickels. I would just sit down and have a beer while I made my mind up. 🥈

Two South african silver Krugerrand

I also choose silver and Crypto Link.👍

now this is my idea of fun! at this precise moment in time

  1. the 4 morgan silver dollars.

  2. the hundie, I would buy 3 silver krugerrands and 2 old quarters with it.

  3. the $100 in nickels, I would buy 3 silver krugerrands and 2 old quarters with it.

  4. the 2 silver krugerrands

  5. the war nickel

my goal here is to maximize silver bullion in hand, i don't know anything about collector's value. technically 2 and 3 have more total silver than 1 but not worth the trip to the coin shop, and I do love me some morgans.

I'll take the Box of U.S. Nickels, the Four U.S. Morgan Silver Dollars, the Two Graded Silver Coins, the One Hundred Dollar "Bill" and lastly, the War Nickel...
August 12, 2020... 24.0 Hollywood Time...