Beautiful shot man 💪🏻🤩

Thanks 🙏🏼 friend

Don’t worry. It’s not shark, just fish. They feed almost exclusively on plankton and small fishes, and pose no threat to humans.

Wow mate! Hope you had a great time in Philippines! 💯

What a great shot as always! Its so nice to see you posting again on Appics!

😃😃 thanks ma’am

Wow!!!. Extraordinary beautiful...nice shot capt.💕✌

In a word, great

Just passing to say Hello!! Hope you are doing great Capt

Thanks. I’m fine here. 10 days to go back.

Awesome enjoy🤗

Beautiful look..🙂

wow looks so beautiful 👌

감사합니다 😊

Nice shot

Excellent.... I was diving with one at Richelieu Rock few months back.... magnificent creature indeed!

Hello 👋🏻 Diver !!

Amazing as always 😍 What is Extant??

Wow 😮 I will panic if I was there definitely... aren’t you ?!

Very rarely situations but it was very very amazing experience to meet W.S. in nature.

I admire your passion bro. Great shot

So amazing ! Did it on Olsob Philippines 🇵🇭

Yes Oslob is famaous for watching WS.

How are you doing @capt.shlee ??

I am in Korea now. Finally arrived. ^^

Wonderful I am glad to hear that 💙 I hope you are healthy and safe ... we are all missing your wonderful posts