[🤓 Survival report #1🤩 ] Guys! I'm still alive. Just enjoying camping at outdoor, ...

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... far from city life. Anticipating & waiting for this pandemic to end.

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

All photos taken by me 🤿
Posted by APPICS 👊🏻

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Heyyyyyyyyyyy you were missed over here 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I'm glad to see that you are well 😁

Good to see you back on APPICS 😊 spending time in nature and away from the city is about right! Looks like you’re enjoying yourself 🙌

Thanks , Joey 🥰. Actually it’s the protection myself, not enjoying lol. How r u?

I’m doing fine thank you 🙏🏼 we have the 2nd lockdown in Germany at the moment. Everything is closed. But we work from home anyway so it’s Fine! Christmas will be different this year .. but I’m so glad that we have the internet to stay connected. I hope the situation in Korea is not so bad. They got cases under control very quickly in the spring. I still wish we could go to Korea now and have an APPICS meetup! It’s funny because I actually just finished eating some Bibimbap 😂 🥘

Very good to hearing that you and team are safe in each place. Here in Korea is almost same, 2nd wave coming and doing 2.5 grade lock down, all stores are close at 21Hrs. But cases still increase to 600/day. But I believe we can sail on this rough wave. See you at next spring. I will prepare huge mountain amount Bibimbap for you, if you would love. lol 😂 Stay safe.

Looks like you are enjoying your time 👌🏾Great seeing you here again!

Thanks Chief! I really missed you and your great comment. 🙌🏻

Hey my friend, great seeing you back here. Well looks like you have great food and drinks right there with you, so survival mode looks not too bad. Hope our world will turn back to normal soon. Best greetings from Barcelona

Yes friend it’s very hard time to protect myself from the people who has virus. I believe, Definitely this to shall pass. Thanks friend stay safe🙌🏻

Heyy buddy, it's great to see your post! I've honestly missed you & was wondering about you ✌🏻 Glad to know you are in good health 😊

Me either, Friend😊 Thanks for your comment.

looks so tasty 😋 after a long time you are in Appics ❤️❤️

오랜만이시네요ㅎㅎ 복귀 환영합니다.

감사합니다 😊

I got hungry after seeing tasty and delicious food 😍😋

so tasty food 😋 stay safe and stay happy 😇 happy Christmas ❤️❤️

Great to see you back bro 🙌🏻

Thanks bro 😎

Indeed bro looks like a good time too me. Confusing times and but I got some camping vibes myself, this reminds me of our yearly end of the year vacations, but they just locked down the state again.
Would have been nice to camp but we can just party at home and lol. Good times. Welcome back...

Thanks 🙏🏼. To party with good friends is best way to suffer this rugged time. Plz don’t forget to wearing mask.

Wow so glad to see you back posting on Appics, look at those steaks🤤🤤🤤 wish I was there!!🤤🥩

Ma’am I told you. Your table is always standing by here. 👆🏻

And thank you for your warm comment 👏🏻

Good to hear you are alive and still kicking it!

Hey 👋🏻 bro. Happy to c u again. Missed your smile. Thanks.

Hellooooo there. Glad to see you back here. 😍 Welcome!

Welcome back 🙏 ☺

Mmmm 😋 mouthwatering stuff

🥩 for you 😀

welcome back dear

Looks good. Cheers 🥂

Looking so promising 🤤🤤🤤

Se ve muy sabroso, saludos desde Venezuela! 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪

Hey man, Welcome back 👊