Commercial Alley Art Gallery, Eighth Installation by Emily Thiessen Heading out ...

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... for a walk with Jerry I found myself drawn to this long brink laid alley. A dark and kinda grungy area with gargoyle’s on many of the buildings. Corners filled with obvious mess from the less fortunate. Heading through the winding alley we find ourselves confronted by a giant Yes painted in black the brick of our Youth Empowerment Society. Directly beside is a little known public display lingering just out of view down the currently being worked on alley...

“The original artwork created by local artist Emily Thiessen, is featured as the Commercial Alley Outdoor Art Gallery’s eighth installation. Located on the west wall of the Youth Empowerment Society building on the 500 Block of Yates Street, the outdoor gallery showcases temporary installations by local artists to add colour and vitality to the area.

Thiessen’s submission What If was selected through a juried Call to Artists for emerging artists and artist teams earlier this year. Her mural-sized comic treats each of the four 1.2-metre by 2.4-metre plywood pieces as a story panel.

Thiessen has been following the art in Commercial Alley since the beginning in 2014.
“That year I was a second year UVic student and I became totally obsessed with Artist Other’s (Troy Lovegates) street art after seeing it in Commercial Alley. Since then I’ve kept thinking about applying,” said Thiessen. Her work was inspired by the City of Victoria’s seedling distribution program, her works ask - What if this dark year is a chance to make things better? The artwork will be on display from August 2020 to August 2021.”

On the exiting end of the alley opposite side of Market Square we find where the street art begins. Buildings painted to have plants where sun does not shine. Faces painted in windows that do not exist..... I didn’t even make it around the entire block 😅
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thanks for recording this building and art pieces, and describing the whole story behind it🙏. this kind of street art i like very much, in your video it's especially the windows🤩. with simple but skillful means you can amazingly change the appearance❣ performance 💯😊🙏

That is faszinating. I like how art changes the atmosphere. It is great that it is supported over so many year.