Last weekend we treat ourselves with a delicious burger from a new place. It is a ...

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... dark kitchen Wich is a relatively new concept here in the city and quite popular during the pandemic. A dark kitchen is a restaurant not open for the public it's just for delivery or pick-up. The restaurant is called Chubbiest and it's a real eye opener.


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Se ve realmente deliciosa @elteamgordo ! espero poder compartir pronto una suculenta hamburguesa de alguna carne más exótica!, estén pendientes en mi blog jejejeje un abrazo desde la blanca Mérida, Yucatán.

Aquí esta mi post de los antojitos de avestruz: ojalá puedan leerlo y darme su opinión, saludos desde la blanca Mérida, Yucatán.

You know how I love burgers too amigo! This is a pure treat!

I am a burger lover invite me 😊

looks so yummi 😋😋

Oh por Dios! Se ve deliciosa esa hamburguesa 🙃

I love hamburgers, it really is a passion. Lately we make them at home, as a precaution. There are so many delicious things in this world, that really living is a pleasure.

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