August 7th, 1986 - My 1 year birthday celebration. The one person in my life that ...

in APPICSlast month

... I'm most grateful for with God is My Mom. (I don't think she knows tho) I love her so much. She has given me a great example of how strong and capable a single mother can be. She raised me and my sister by herself, working hard and never looking for a man to support her.

I haven't been able to do something or to be someone that makes her proud of me.. I've been kinda busy just being myself..

But as the years go by I feel more desperate and anxious to do whatever it takes and to be whoever I need to be to make this woman proud before I run outta time.


P. D. " I decide to believe that God's timing is perfect and that He will not say no to my prayers."


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