♥️ hey appics family ♥️ I am going alone with vegan lifestyle and I am helping my ...

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... family as well to get down this road. Transitioning to vegan was not easy for me at that moment but now I do regret not going vegan very early.

🍖This above picture is a vegan meat (mock meat). When I first put it in my mouth I was just amazed by it's taste.🍖

🌱We don't have the production of mock meat here in Nepal but recently the demand of this meat has grown exponentially. 🌱

😎 Let's support veganism and let's show compassion to our fellow animals 😎

✌️ I would love to connect with vegans here at appics✌️


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Yummy lunch treat for real food lovers

Yeah such a taste for mouth and no animal was harm ✌️✌️

I am a vegan here in Appics 😁😍