Okay yes! I did the quarantine haircut, and I’m not saying it was high fashion, but ...

in APPICS5 months ago

... it was more than fine. Honestly, it’s a pandemic and the stakes are low, why not?


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Sariling sikap at its finest. Dito sa apartment ako yung taga haircut. Youtube2 lang. 😅😂

Welcome back to APPICS 🙏🏻

Big thank you for all the support and how welcoming a community Appics has been. Big love and positive vibes.

Welcome back to APPICS kuya 😍

Thank you. :-)

Enjoying appics so far?

Yeaa! I’m loving it. It’s like ig.

Ang hot mo naman kuya!

Haha! Salamat po.

Yay si hubby ko walanpang gupit since ecq

Kailangan na maggupit. Makapal na. Hehe. Stay safe.

Ubusin mo na lahat buhok para matagal pa ulit mag cut.

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