The Old Dog Presents: Another Wow Moment Part 8!

in APPICS6 months ago (edited)

Turning the corner on a small side street in Basel Switzerland we saw this. Wow!

Enjoy what you see!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Let’s Succeed Together!


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The history of music... Thanks for sharing!

So cooooool!

Awesome mural and great capture.

Lots of fun and memories seeing it!

Excellent mural for sure

That’s my kind of graffiti!

Just beautiful art work at road side.

Thats fantastic! Rock and Roll history on one wall, all my favorites I grew up with!

This is truly amazing!

This is beautiful dear friend @ kus-knee
How many celebrities are there.
I wish you an excellent afternoon

Yes so many!


Ye! Thanks for having a look!

Great wall art - WOW!!

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