The Old Dog Presents: Another Wow Moment Part Part 9! We were just outside Carona ...

in APPICS6 months ago

... Switzerland. Stepping out of the wooded path we came across this expansive field with a view in the distance. Wow!

Enjoy what you see!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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That is a great view, much better than the one in the comments!!

Yes I'm very upset about that! I've kept things clean on my blog for all of these years.

Hello dear friend @ kus-knee
What incredible postcards you have taken in Switzerland. Excellent.
If you doubt you have enjoyed

Lovely view. Lets see more

Hey @kus-knee, this post been upvoted with my voting power, individually calculated here for your account.

Beautiful photo!

This path is very long and beautiful

At first, I thought your title said, "...outside COrona"!!

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