For a few years. Stay safe out there ... hey you on yet ?

I’ve been out of the loop for a while. I don’t even know what it is. :(

It’s another fork like Hive but no downvotes ... you have $30,000 Blurt over there .... it’s awesome. Good kind people over there.

All the artists, photographers, creative people driven away from Hive because of Whale downvotes are going to Blurt and Appics

Thanks for letting me know!

Is there and liquidity for the blurt token?

Yes.... trading them by the minute on Ionomy and Hive-engine. They can go up by 100% in a day.

I am exchanging Hive for Blurt on Https://

...but the price of its token has so much zeroes to it... probably not worth a copypasting job :P

Awesome background! It's the New Normal...😷🥰👍

Nice. I don’t have much Hive or Steem anymore. I powered down and bought mostly Bitcoin and Ether. Crazy times!

Huh? I guess not when the dentist is doing his/her job, right.
You still have blurt as told but someone. 😎

Normal for me now wearing a mask

IMHO, masks serve only one purpose - to pump the fear

Hmm that is true as well

Does seem to be the new normal in most places... and some of the more creative types are turning masks into artistic statements...

New Normal, absolutely so.

Just curious how your dentist managed to do his work ? 😀