Delicious and great texture of the serving food!

I'm literally 🤤🤤🤤 right now!

Hehe. Thank you.

Mmmmm, looks so yummy!

That looks really good. Good thing I'm not hungry.

Haha. Die ist so lecker, die passt immer rein ;-)

Wow! This looks yummy 😊

Very appetizing. But why didn't you DHL mine to me??🤣🤣

Haha. Thanks.

Can you please tell me how to get upvote here???

I have delegated SP to @upvu and @gotogether.

Can you tell me the whole process, i dont know anything about it. Can you please...

It is quite simple.
Delegate SP to @upvu or @gotogeher and you will recive upvotes and Steem from them.
You will recieve 1 upvote per day.

Actually i dont know how to delegate SP to anyone. 😬😬😬

Hi @prakhar9675! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @lichtblick
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

This is indeed helpful.

Yes this is helpful.
Another doubt i have is that, how much sp i should delegate to this bot for upvote??

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