So you dear ones. ✨I've thought of something for you, as a 🥰THANK YOU 💥for the ...

in APPICS2 months ago

... daily support.
I will ask you 3️⃣questions, which you please answer in the comment. It is not about correctness but about completeness.✅

  1. How did you hear about Appics❓
  2. How long have you been on Appics❓
  3. What do you like more about Appics than other social media platforms❓
    Everybody who answers these 3 questions in the comments will get a 100% upvote ✅on their newest picture (which must not be older than 7 days). For this I will be inactive for 5 days, so my voting power is charged and I can give you a full upvote, as a thank you with 80k delegation. First of all I will upvote the first comment, the second one and then in order. But only those users who answer the questions will get an upvote. So tell everyone you know in Appics. It's worth being fast.
    💎By the way, I made the Appics trailer by myself. I wanted to have a keychain, but it's not as easy as I thought. So I still hope that you will find jewellery and accessories with the Appics logo in the Appics Merch soon.
    Jura, Bitcoin, Appics and the vegan diet really dominate my life at the moment, thanks to every single one of you who makes Appics what it is!🥰and don’t forget to join the challenge: # summerofappicschallenge🌺🏖☀️🟨🟧🟥🟩🟦


    Powered by APPICS - visit us at,%20so%20my%20voting%20power%20is%20charged%20and%20I%20can%20give%20you%20a%20full%20upvote,%20as%20a%20thank%20you%20with%2080k%20delegation.%20First%20of%20all%20I%20will%20upvote%20the%20first%20comment,%20the%20second%20one%20and%20then%20in%20order.%20But%20only%20those%20users%20who%20answer%20the%20questions%20will%20get%20an%20upvote.%20So%20tell%20everyone%20you%20know%20in%20Appics.%20It's%20worth%20being%20fast.%20%0A%F0%9F%92%8EBy%20the%20way,%20I%20made%20the%20Appics%20trailer%20by%20myself.%20I%20wanted%20to%20have%20a%20keychain,%20but%20it's%20not%20as%20easy%20as%20I%20thought.%20So%20I%20still%20hope%20that%20you%20will%20find%20jewellery%20and%20accessories%20with%20the%20Appics%20logo%20in%20the%20Appics%20Merch%20soon.%20%0AJura,%20Bitcoin,%20Appics%20and%20the%20vegan%20diet%20really%20dominate%20my%20life%20at%20the%20moment,%20thanks%20to%20every%20single%20one%20of%20you%20who%20makes%20Appics%20what%20it%20is!%F0%9F%A5%B0and%20don%E2%80%99t%20forget%20to%20join%20the%20challenge:%20#%20summerofappicschallenge%F0%9F%8C%BA%F0%9F%8F%96%E2%98%80%EF%B8%8F%F0%9F%9F%A8%F0%9F%9F%A7%F0%9F%9F%A5%F0%9F%9F%A9%F0%9F%9F%A6&category=crypto&hashtags=appics+apx+challenge+thankyou&author=lonistellina&profileImageUrl=
  1. I knew Appics through @mers my introducer in Steemit 2. I've been posting since December 2019 3. Super thankful to Appics easy posting that made my heart smile

I heard it my our friend @otom since last year but we were not active yet since it was so hard to find and download the dapps. Then, we invited @fycee and convinced him. We were all happy the Filipino steemians when he became successful as an ambassador for the Philippines team.

Thank you sooo much for this. ☺️ It's all true. Glad with all of your support!

All the time my support as long as you support everyone . Keep it up

I love your fantastic ideas, dear @lonistellina, it's awesome! 🤩

So I also will answer your three questions:

1.I first learned about APPICS from my cousin, @danielschmunk who is also here!Thank you sooo much!! ❣️

  1. I use the App since December 2019,so about 7 months.

3.And I must confess, that before APPICS, I wasn't interested in any social media platforms, they all were (and still are) a little bit wast of time. ☺️☺️☺️So first I was not really sure about APPICS and if I really want to use it. But luckily I was thaught of a better one! APPICS is an awesome World, my new friends and family and I love to be here sooo much! 😍💖💖🔥It's a place, were you can share your Talents with other and where you get rewarded for it. It's always a Joy for me, to use the App, to share especially my music here with you all. APPICS always brings me into a good mood and I do not want to miss it anymore!

I hope I'm not late for this challenge however I'd love to share and reply the questions.

  1. Heard of Appics on the steemit site.

  2. Downloaded it immediately and still using it.

  3. Appics has a wallet and this distances it from other picture/photography or related social media sites. True, social media sites are working their way to use the crypto space but for now a few has the initiative to integrate it. It's looking forward to build its own blockchain(If it is doesn't have already). Appics has now become my new watch to grow and share my pics and be paid for it. Waiting to see which project can beat this.

  1. I learned about appics when i was blogging on steemit, through @masudrana, i think he bought some tokens back then and i just participated in fb like comment activites and got staked tokens. 2. I dont remember the exact days, but i signed up in the form as soon as i heard about that and then got the link in my mail and installed the app, since then i have been using appics. 3. I love that i can make money off of it by posting my drawings, i dont see that being possible with instagram.... :D

My answers: 1. I heard about APPICS from APPICS Bangladesh community after joined here our Bangladeshi ambassador @toushik and @masudrana helped me a lot. 2. I am here about 2 month. 3. I like all side about APPICS, because it's passion rewarded platform, especially, like all the challenge.😍

thank you @mohibur. full upvote in 5 days👍

Thank you!! Another good initiative 👍👍 my answers are:

  1. I heard about Appics by Appics Community Bangladesh group and got help from @toushik
  2. Being here for 2 months plus
  3. Mostly love several encouragement contest (like this one too😉) and community that feels like family

1.heard it from my Niece @wasiulafif . 2. I am on appics 10 days . 3. you can use your hobby to earn money . example photography is my hobby . In appics i can money for photography . it is a great platform . ( i am weak in english 😑😑 )

Hey lonistellina 😃 this challenge is a Good idea 💡 and I like your keychain. I heard from APPICS in an interview with Uma on the „Finanzkongress für Frauen“ and I‘m on APPICS now for 48 days 😃 APPICS is more positiv than other social media as you can also earn money while creating new content. 😊🤩💰😄📷

very interesting😍 thank you @serenapictures. you'll receive full upvote in 5 days

Heeey 😍 1) I heared about the app over my dear friend @cvrle. I was like HELL YEAH I’m gonna be a part of the community 😁 so i got an account; 2)I’m here 3 and a half months; 3) I love the fact that everyone here is very pleasant, nice, sweet, happy! And want to help 😊 sometimes the things i see or read can make

Can make my day* 😂 oh my god, sorry for mistakes


thank you @sanjalittleboo☀️in 5 days you'll receive a full upvote

I will gladly answer your three questions.

  1. I have already been to steem and heard about appics there.

  2. I should have been at appics for about 7-8 months now.

  3. it is more familiar and you get 😁 instead of likes APX

Same for me but just came to use appics this month. Hoping I can see how to refer people and be rewarded for it.

So only your no1 align with me.

  1. I noticed Appics trought steem, because I am active on Steemit since mid 2016.
  2. about two years ago I installed the Appics app on my smartphone.
  3. I see Appix as a supplement to Seemit. When I'm on the road with my smartphone it's easier to use the app than to post on the Steemit website. In addition I will be rewarded with apx.

By the way, you have over 230 STEEM rewards to claim (see this will more than double your current voting power :)

Best regards @germansailor.

oh thank you for your advice😍👍and you will get your full upvote in 5 days!

Du solltest dir das mal anschauen auf Steem, was @germansailor sagt. Wenn du Fragen hast oder Hilfe brauchst, ich bin sehr erfahren und würde Dir da natürlich helfen.

danke, denn tatsächlich weiß ich noch nicht, wie ich die tausche. danke

Ich schicke dir mal heute Abend ein kleines Tutorial ich denke damit wirst du das dann hinbekommen

  1. i got to know it through steemit website.2)i am here since 32 days3)here i feel like doing something productive!

nice @its4urc. your full upvote is coming in 5 days🤗

I stopped blogging a few years ago. Someone encouraged me to be active again. Back then, I was busy with my review for the board exam when she invited me. So I turned it down. I don't usually open my FB and stayed for long there. But at that time, I saw her post about Appics and then remembered her invitation. So, I messaged her that I want to join. I posted my first photo by the end of June. So I'm on Appics for 1 month and 6 days. The moment I joined Appics, I received a warm welcome by many. Unlike any other social media app, Appics is full of positivity. No hatred. There's an interaction where you can gain new friends. And I now have new friends, even if I was still a month old here. The bonus part is I get to earn money while sharing my photos. I was active on Instagram before but now, I post in Appics instead. 😊❤️

very nice @kneelyrac🤗☀️full upvote in 5 days

  1. I heard about appics through mahusaisor and markusgahn 2) I am since April 2020 on appics 3) I like to see my pictures generate APX

thank you @martinelch, full upvote in 5 days, when i have full power

  1. I've heard about appics in an interview that Uma gave at a congress about finances
  2. I'm on appics since one month
  3. I have the feeling it's more social, the content is more creative and intelligent &the fact that you can earn APX
  1. I heard about appics through my younger brother. 2. I am here since 89 days. 3.I’m so lucky that I’m able to upload my favorite pictures in places like Appics. Don't get that pleasure from using other social media. I'm more than happy to use Appics. I love Appics💞💞

i love Appics toi😍🎉thank you. you will get your full upvote in 5 days

  1. I heard it from @olatun. 2. Since April 2020, 93 days ago. 3. I love appics, because it rewards you for your content.

🤗in 5 days full upvote

  1. I heard it from you 😍. 2. I'm here since 8 days. 3. I love that the community is so authentic and friendly!

danke @elena3394 Full-upvote in 5 days🤗

Great idea, as always 💯🔥 1) I’ve heard of Appics thanks to my friend Umut, who works with me and is a very good friend of Tony! ⚡️ 2) I’m here since 2 months and a few days. From the first day my account was created 🔥 3) What I most like is the kindness of the people, the great initiative the people like you have and of course this innovative concept! 💯 Wish you a very nice week 🤗

its gonna be a difficult week😢5 days without beloved appics🤣the first time online since 1,5 years. 🤗but thank you.✨full upvote in 5 days

  1. through Steem 2.since nearly the start 3. Cool team, good looking app, non toxic nice community, getting rewarded for passion, blockchain based 🤟

Danke Tom, Voll-Upvote in 5 Tagen🤗

Hello here are my aneswers 🤗 1) I heard about appics from my friend (thank you @true-moment for telling me about it 😃),
2)I have my account for 2 months now and I’m active almost every day ☺️
3)Things I love the most about Appics are: that there are no advertisements, there are no fake accounts and finally there are many amazing people ✌🏻

this I also appreciate on appics👍😍full upvote in 5 days

1.I heared from my elder brother @secretman 2.I am here since may 9 that means 89 days. 3.I love about Appics that here I can see peoples talent in various topics, I can explore some really great post moreover I can get rewards for my passion which makes me weak about Appics and now I am using it and inviting people to join this lovely platform 😍😍

thank you @abmleon, full upvote in 5 days, when i have full power

  1. I heard about Appics from @saifulfrank he inspired me about appics
  2. I have been using appics since 3rd June, 2020
    3.The best thing I got in Appics is they reward for out passion. In other social media most of the time we see more artificial character that have no matching with their real life. But here people think they have to share their passion so they are uploading it. So it is enjoyable really to know different people's lifestyle,their skill, passion etc. People think they will get reward so they are trying to improve a lot of think to make a good quality post that we never find in other social media. They are getting vote that inspire them. That's I like more than other social media
  1. my friend @ kilatunzii told me about appics. (2). i have been on the platform for 9 months. (3). Its a platform that rewards you for passion. Hence the motto.

thank you @kayslim. full upvote in 5 days

  1. I was informed about Appics from our ambassador @masudrana
  2. I am with Appics from 9th may, 2020
  3. Appics is a platform where people sharing their passions and getting judgment from others by vote or comment. In other social media where they give reward only to the celebrity or in marketing purpose but in Appics their is no marketing purpose and every normal to exceptional all the people getting reward for sharing their passion. That's a good point and it's inspiring us to develop our skill. To get more reward people always thinking to share something more amazing. People don't have to waste their time only by scrolling. In Appics they are enjoying and also getting reward. Another point is that we all know about the future of cryptocurrency. When I inform people about appics the first ques they ask is what is blockchain and cryptocurrency. So by this they are getting knowledge about it.

good points you mentioned! ☀️thank you @saifulfrank. full upvote in 5 days

  1. I learned about the Steem blockchain from APPICS. APPICS is using this blockchain yes and is a very up and coming platform and I wanted to be one of the first users.

  2. I have been using it only since April 2020. On Steem but already since January 2018.

  3. what I like most about Epic is that it is very easy and that you can easily meet great people. I can say that after only 3 months.

I love what you do and also that you keep your feet still for five days to reach 100% power. I had observed that the last days and when you are so far down it is no fun to give others an upvote.

Greetings Michael

thank you, Michael🤗

i) got to know from akash, my friend ii) it's my 2nd day iii) i'm exploring but happy with the warm welcome🙂

welcome to Appics that way🎉☀️thank you @faizaa. you will get your full upvote in 5 days

  1. Heard it from friend of a friend 😝🤠 2. I'm on APPICS 176 days, since february 😎🥳🥳🥳 3. I looove about APPICS is that you can expreas yourself in every way, meet lots of interesting new people and make new friendships, see so much more in a person than just a pic they post, blogging and creating while earning 🤑🥰🤩🥳🤠😎⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

thank you @kekizz. full upvote in 5 days, when i have full power

  1. I heard it to my friend. 2. I'm here last june 29 3. It's like instagram but everything is rewarded.

thanj you @redcoatedman. full upvote in 5 days

  1. I heard about appics through my facebook friend 2. I am here for 41 days 3.People are so friendly and supportive here, i love that sight

thank you @silly.jyoti, you'll get the full upvote in 5 days, when i have full power

sorry my connection got interrupted on my 1st comment 1.I heard it from my friend and encouraged me to join Appics. 2. I started my Appics journey last July 13,2020 3.Honestly I'm not the type of person that like to post on social media but here on Appics I'm actively posting because i enjoy the interaction with everyone and my post is being rewarded 👍❤

thank you🤗@jorross31. you will get a full upvote on your latest post in 5 days

thank you😊

I also love appics because it is easy to post and use the dapp. I learned how to take a good oicture because of appics.

thank you @olivia08 full upvote in 5 days!

Thank you so much.

  1. I heard about Appics in a group through @toushik bro
  2. I am since June 2020 on Appics
  3. Everyone here behaves very friendly, finds joy in the mind and support each other

thank you @badshafoysal20. you will receive full upvofe in 5 days

  1. A friend of mine (@ricardo_lopez) told me about it. 2. I'm on appics Vince 2 month or so. 3. What I love most is the peaceful community, the fact that you get rewarded for the time you spend and the freedom of speech.

thank you☀️in 5 days full upvote

if you want a full upvote in 5 days you have to answer the questions. but thanks🤗

👍 great idea, but guess better place the appics logo in the left side from the scale and maybe BTC in the other if this World come true we all should be satisfied 😂

Hi dear @lonistelina: 1) heard about APPICS from my friends @edlili24 and her husband @sampraise, its a funny way to share pics and experiences while we received rewards. @mauriciovite make a youtube forum speaking about APPICS. 2) i have 3 month on appics. 3) I like so much all socials plataforms, but appic is turn in my favorite cuz im meeting very nice persons, like @kekizz, @sanzu03 and her friend @jinia97, of curse you too!!

  1. I heard about it from a really new friend of mine, @samasore. We took a workshop about women and finances together and got to know and like each other. She saw an interview of one of your members at a financial congress here in Germany and send me the information.
  1. I am here for about 3 weeks I guess, but It feels a lot more.

And 3. I like the community here. In pass like Instagram or Tiktok you are kinda anonymous and one in a million. Here at appics it feels like everyone is connected with each other in a certain way and has a close to common mindset. I like the support everyone gives each other. I don't know this from any other platform.

1.I met Appics on Steemit, through some Italian members like @fedesox who always praised the Dapp! 2.I met Steemit in February 2019 and after a couple of months I met Appics, so let's say for about a year. 3. I love the concept of decentralization and free speech, which is why I followed Steemit and today I follow HIVE.

Awesome idea and what you are doing here! 1.@Zanoni explained Appics to me, never heard of it before elsewhere 🙆 2. Little over a month, since 3rd of July 😍 3.I like that the platform has a purpose and you notice when people are legitimately interested in each other. 👍☺

  1. I heard about through Steemit in 2018 but I started to be interested about it after presentation I've seen at London Cryptocurrency Show few months later 2. On Appics since first soft launch ever available for testers. 3. Meet open-minded people who are also within blockchain and crypto sector. Support something I believe in and at the end if you can monetize your hard work and passion and you don't have to "sell your soul to the devil" as on centralised social then I am in! 😎
  1. I heard it from my friend and encouraged me to join Appics.

you have to answer all question to get an full upvote

I heard about Appics from the very start as a Follower of @sirwinchester and @umaofficial on Steemit 4 years ago! I have always followed their journey and was so happy when the App was finally launched after the SMTs Fiasco! Love Appics for the Family like Atmosphere and awesome community, Ease Of Use and Being a Appics Ambassador, not to mention earning awesome Apx Crypto, Woot!!

you are great

if you want a full upvote in 5 days you have to answer the questions. but thank you🤗

wow so nice


oahh dearr 😍😍 another great initiative 😍

oppssiiee... i forgot that appics has no enter 😂 LOL! 1. I heard Appics from my dear friend @arrliinn - whos good in recruitment 😂 she told me that our friend @appleskie is doing great here and with the help of @fycee , i was able to download the app as i didnt receive the link in my email😊 2.Started Appics 19th June and really enjoying it 😁 3.Iam in Steemit platform for 3 years now but was inactive as I cannot constantly post regular blogs but in Appics i got hooked as it is very user friendly, easy to post and wont require a longer post, can be done even in my 5 mins break in whatever im doing... easy to access on phone and I love the people, the happy environment, nice people and just all good vibes 👌 its really a great platform indeed.. I might have seen just a hundred of accounts so far... but the goodness it brings make me want to spend every idle time of mine to check and browse others post 😊 and people like you makes this platform colorful and happy one 😍

wow, thank you for your answer😍yes, those are the reasons, why i love Appics, too. Dear @pingcess, fullupvote in 5 days

Keep it up!!

  1. I heard about Appics in a group through @toushik bro

you have to answer all 3 qestions, to get a full upvote🤗

Sorry for the complexity of the keyboard, a reply gone faster 😊😍

  1. I heard about Appics from my sister.
  2. I've been on Appics since May, 2020.
  3. Appics is like Instagram, but you get rewarded for your content💯💯. Plus, its powered by a blockchain technology.

1.I heard about Appics @masudrana
2.I have joined in Appics in june 2020
3.Passion rewarded here thats whatvi like most here.

  1. I heard about Appics ICO from the days of Steem and was an investor too!😉
  2. I've been using since November 2018 i guess.. one of the earliest testet 🙈
  3. I prefer Appics over other platforms because this allows me to connect with the World, and know them on a personal level; unlike on Insta where people are only to show off! 😎😝
  1. I actually dunno what is Appics til I saw some post on steemit that it says, “Posted in Appics” then I asked my friend if she knows what it is. She told me it is like an IG so i asked her how to join and she sent me her referral link.

  2. Been an Appics user for almost 3 months now.

  3. I love Instagram until Appics came to my life. Now, I barely open my IG account. 80% of my mobile time are spent on appics. I just love the good vibes it gives, like there’s no negativity at all unlike all other SMs. I love how all the users mingle with each other and I love seeing beautiful contents. Most specifically, the high net people here are reachable and very friendly.

1- from Steemit

2- one year

3- making money is the best while using social app

  1. On Dtube 2) About eight months 3) Community

-I heard about appics from block7hub. -I have been on appics for about 3 months (since may). -I love appics for the fact that your passion is rewarded unlike other social media. Cheers

  1. I heard about Appics from a friend @aduragbemi, a friend that shows you great opportunities is a friend indeed.
  1. I've been active here like 3 months ago. 3. I love Appics because it rewards creativity and passion. And it makes me connect to the world. I can easily travel to any country so far my friends on Appics are there. And I'm sure they'll show me their world. Thanks @lonistellina and all ambassadors for this opportunity.u're all the best🖒

Liebe Lonistellina. Vielleicht etwas spät, aber trotzdem hier noch meine Antworten: Ich hörte von Appics in einem Interview das Uma an einem online Finanzkongress gab. Fand es unglaublich, weil ich keine Ahnung von krypto und blockchain usw hatte. Bin seit ca. 5 Wochen dabei und seither praktisch nicht mehr auf Insta. Für mich ist es wie ein Spiel. Ich spüre auch eine sehr positive Energie in der ganzen Community. Vielen Dank für dein Wirken🙏

Wird noch akzeptiert. Hab nur das Problem, dass die appics bei mir gerade noch nicht so funktioniert wie sonst 😫

What an exhausting Idea!

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