this is what I Need Right now😍 I have been catching a cold the last few days and ...

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... I'm resting a little now.

What do you wish for right now?


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Yummy delicious feast for real food lovers indeed

i hope you will recover very soon then we can see your magical smile 🥰 stay safe and have a good day pretty girl ❤

thank you so much 🙏☀️

you are most welcome buddy 🙏❤🥰🥰

i wish for your full recovery from sickness. keep safe and healthy 🤗

Hope you will recover soon. I wish to go to a peak of mountain and want to count the stars right now

thank you 😍and I love your unique answer! this is the perfect place to be for right now!

God speed in your road to full health and recovery, that looks delicious and replenishing, hope you enjoy your relaxing time. I wish for more studio time and to finally organize, format and finish my first songbook of my first 100 songs that my kids will inherit from me. I'm closing in on 200 songs soon. So I will definitely need more than a couple of songbooks

The same😋🤩💗. Have a good rest, sometimes we just need that🥰

Little late but wish you a good recovery too🙏 hopefully the main part of feeling sick is over. I want something like this whats on your table 😋 but I will do something like this and will share thank you for giving so much inspiration

thank you for your kind words always. I read every comment! I am fully recovered now🙏 it's a big compliment for me, when I give people much inspiration, so thank you again💯

You are always welcome! Thank you, that’s a big compliment, that you read them, that makes me smile sometimes. I have to say this things because I see your heart bleeding at every posting you do and you explain it in a nice understandable way 🙏 I would say, I don't cook so bad, but sometimes there is not so much inspiration in the vegan or vegetarian way of eating compared to the meat offers and you are an expert in the vegan way of eating. Hopefully one day we can cook and eat together.

I am sure we can cook one day if you want to :)

Mmmm looks Nutritious and delicious, get well soon!🥰✨🤗🤧😋

Waooo .... 😍😅

It’s looking so yummy 😋😉

Very delicious food.

thank you 😍and I love your unique answer! this is the perfect place for right now!

Eat delicious and vitamin rich food to keep the body healthy 😇

It's looking so delicious 👌

Very tasty yummy food 😋😋

so tasty and nutritious food 👌👌

i wanna taste all the food 😋😋

Some of the most beautiful fruits and foods are all very tasty and fun to eat😋😋

Take rest, hope you will recover soon. And I wish want a little share from your food. Cause it is looks delicious 😋.

Yummy..delicious food.. I want to eat 😋 stay safe.

Great food, looks appetites 🍲

Your food is very beautiful and very tasty👌👌