North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve | Oroville, CA.

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Oroville, California is proof of an ancient amazing nature, set up of 3,300 acres with unique forms of lava table land rocks.
Seasonal vernal pool, flowing water streams to giant beautiful tumble of several waterfalls and vistas of wild flowers in different colors bloom continuously during spring.


You will also be amazed with all the formations of Basalt rocks. It's structured by volcanic lava rocks that comes in many sizes.



The path offers you two different routes, one will bring you to Hollow and Betson Falls and the other route will take you all the way to Ravine Falls before you get to Phantom Falls.



Beatson Falls And Hollow Waterfalls

Walk straight to the left, slightly 3 miles from the fork of the trail, along the way, you will be spoiled by the sound of water streams that flow beautifully for miles and miles all the way to Hollow Falls to the basin of Beatson Falls.
Enjoy the feeling of walking on the basalt lava rock field. But some of the fields has wet and muddy dirt as I mentioned above because of seasonal vernal.


Bellow are some pictures and video to visualizing the charm of North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve.






Ravine Falls And Phantom Falls

Walk to the right from the fork of the trail will lead you to the most spectacular terrain of waterfalls, nearly 40 feet of water drop.

It was a little bit of a disappointment because there wasn't any waterfall to view and see that beauty. It was just wrong timing.
But other beauty is still there, especially looking over to the field of yellow wild flowers.







Enjoy a short movie from the whole trip of the hike.
Glorious indeed, every single place was uniquely eye-catching. The 6.5 miles of hike won't displeased you, recommended place to explore.
Make sure to go during May-April to see the waterfalls and enjoy the colorful of wild flowers.


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very beautiful scenery @lugina

Thank you.

This place of huge ancient nature in a place of 3300 acres is very wonderful. Very captivating place. Thanks for the nice post.

Thank you.

An extraordinary place.


wow, the mountains are amazing, if in Indonesia the mountains are too haunted, different from the mountains of Europeans, always healthy @lugina, greetings from Indonesia

Hi @masril,
Indonesia got a lot of beautiful places too, including mountains ...
It's funny though, all people in South Asia are familiar with ghosts n here in America only about UFO and vampire in movies ..

hahahaha, funny your words, I like to talk to you @lugina

It is a nice place to go with children. I find it so enjoyable to discover the places with them because then you see something with their eyes, hear their thoughts and opinions. The children are so open and straight in expression of their emotions and to express joy, happiness and being surprised.

I love the sound of running river, if I were there, I definitely would have taken my shoes off and walked into cold water.

Thank you for such amazing beauty of nature :)

Hi @stef1,
Thank you for passing by ..
I saw lots of family too, theirs kids were exploring and seemingly curious with lot of thing surrounding.
I got little jealous, i wish Adam can expres his curiosity in bunch of questions. It's in our attention to explain everything he touches n looks because we know his gestures want to be answered ..

One girl was asking her dad, where all that water stream comes from ...and of course his answer was "i don't know" because he was busy with his phone.
Too bad ...

Kind Regards.

The pictures is very beautiful scenery.

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