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RE: Time flies so fast, and I'm already on my second month here on Appics. As of now, ...

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Good job, I've been here forever but I have less apx stakes. I hope you get your prize. It should have grown exponentially over the 2 months had it been given on time as it was staked and you were active. Anyway, keep dancing and keep blogging. Have an awesome day!


Winning the challenge set up by the leaders themselves made him won their hearts and consistently getting the huge upvotes from them. And because he deserves it too. Probably they must have the reason that after getting the prize he might have just powered it down already just like what happened to @alinadavid - the wife of @extalifestyle when she won the Easter challenge, she already powered down the whole amount. Probably the leaders are into something but then again it is a prize that should be given I know.

I wouldn't be able to make 7k in 60 days even though I upvote my own post a hundred percent with 50,000 apx delegation.

I have already sent a message to @agent a month ago regarding this and have sent another message as a follow up a few minutes ago.

I understand contests are part of the promotion and engagement activities of the Appics platform, so along with that should be the prompt giving of major prizes and all prizes for that matter coz even before we hold contests we should be ready with it and it should be a priority as well despite whatever other activities you have. It says a lot and it defeats the purpose of encouragement and motivation not only by the people who joined the contests but the people who invited these people to this platform, as well. Maybe you should have an assessement for every event you have if you have been successful in doing them and make sure all is done before moving forward to any other activities. Appics pride for being a team and family and surely a few heads would be able to tell or check if all is smooth. A family or a community would be great if none is left behind and continuous improvement should be a daily quest for everyone especially the people who are responsible of the activities like contests and promos. Please review all your contests and make sure to ask everyone involved if you have missed a prize because missing a major prize for a big contest you had could have been just one of a few of the lapses. It is just fair to give the prizes no matter how late.

This is already noted and will be taken cared of as soon as possible. We are thankful for your feedback.

I also hold mine weekly so it's really important to be prompt in sending the prizes.

Thankyou to the both of you 😊 it is now okay ❤️🥰

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