As APPICS still does not allow to zoom-in, nor rotate, nor fullscreen the images, ...

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... here is a crop of my recent nighttime full darkness shot. This 1+ flagship 8pro is such a long cry ahead of my old trusty Samsung's S7Edge capabilities.


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full darkness yet captured even the vibrant color of the flower on the side

Yes indeed, quite a mystic to me. Must be just that little light (from 2x5W lamps near driveway) reflected from the trees, and then bounced back one more time from a light building wall behind my back.

Phone is capturing the image for maybe 5-7 seconds, and after that it is processing taken image for 4 more seconds by it's clever algorithms. Almost an AI 😀

Thanks for this!! multiple photos would also be nice. Would you know if they have any development plants for the future?

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