Prague has a beautiful park with a large orchard. From there you have a wonderful ...

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... view of the old town.........Go out into the world. It is more fantastic than any dream-Ray Bradbury-


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Beautiful, i like this view 👌

Wow !
Prague is really beautiful❤
Great photography ❤

Beautiful place 💞 nice shot

Beautiful place 😍😍👌

wow the old town looking beautiful from there.. Beautiful thing is everywhere. We need a perfect mind that can find it

The old town looking nicely made.. Beautiful view of the old town from the park 👌

That's a serene environment 💯💯

Beautiful place to spend some amazing moments 😍

Lots of beautiful houses and really the view of the sky is amazing you took the picture in so many beautiful ways 😍❤

I am fascinated to see such a beautiful old town.

Amazing view 👌👌

the old architectures town looking nicely made..beautiful view of the old town and its look so amazing ❤❤😍 enjoy yourself and have a nice day mam❤🌻

Is that even possible? Eye-catching majestic building.😍

So amazing place... Great photo

So beautiful nature

im impress how the color of the roofs are almost the same,very classic and pleasing to the eye.

The place is really beautiful 💞💞💞 and beautiful view 😍😍👌👌

Prague is really beautiful. ☺️

It's really so beautiful 😍

Nice shot 😍😍

wow so nice place👌

I am impressed 🎉🎉😍

wow such a beautiful place 😍

The place is really beautiful and I like it as a park😍😍

Beautiful sky

Amazing view. Great shot

Beautiful sky

This is an amazing view dear. Love your photography.❤️

Wow beautiful shot

Love the quote. Don't stay idle, work it out✔

gorgeous place😍😍..

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