“She sees in black & white, thinks in greys but loves in color ” Have you heard ...

in APPICS2 months ago

... of the Summer of Appics challenge yet? 🌺 @Charline.cherie and @Lonistellina brought this hashtag to life and are challenging our community to show their colors, an explosion of different shades, sparkle and happiness!

I love this initiative because we sometimes get caught up in our daily lives and only think in grey colors. 😏 We’re stressed and focused on things we can not change but life is actually full of bright colors and we should express the love that lies within us!

Obviously, I’m not participating in the challenge but with a little bit of luck and creativity you can win up to 20k APX in delegation for one month.

Show us your colors and let’s celebrate summer 2020 on APPICS! And don’t forget, your thoughts create your reality!

Love, Soldier 🤍


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Your innocent smile always give me a inspiration...

You guys are doing great job by promoting so much enthusiasm and positivity. Rewards are additional:)

So beautiful look and good shot

wow so nice look

Sunshine smile

wow😍☀️what a summer feeling you spread here on appics! thank you for supporting the challenge✨

Of course ☺️🙌🏽 let’s celebrate and bring the festival feeling to APPICS!

Well said my lovely 😘...beautiful shot😚

Your smile is like a sunshine ☀️ light up everyone’s day 😛

What a Beautiful smile💞

Words ✨🤩👌🏿...sparklingly nice one

Guao me puedo enamorar??

You are looking too pretty as usual..also I love the way you are promoting things..Appics on the moon ❤

such a beautiful smile 😍

Looking so good👌

You looks so beautiful

Beautiful shot and beautifully said! Love this awesome summer Challenge, I have entered often and will be entering again this afternoon! Go Appics!

Loving the pic and the purpouse of the hashtag. Thanks for sharing!!! 😍

Love to see your smile🖤😊

Gorgeous look deat


Beautiful shot😍😘

The model herself is so beautiful 👌🏿

Beautiful woman !!!

Beautiful and simple.😇


Speechless 😶 you are so pretty honey 🍯 love you ♥️

Beautiful woman

Great picture 🎂

You are so sweet.my love for you ❤️
Your post is verry good 😍

One of the most beautiful pictures of the year I've across.

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