Milestone Achieved: 5K APX Tokens Staked, Next Goal is 10K APX I just noticed my ...

in APPICS5 months ago

... APX Tokens just got beyond 5K. I am sooo happy to share this to you lovely people of Appics. I have fallen in love with Appics when I tried it and I am doing my best to help this project because it is good. I am happy to reach this 5000 APX goal and I will go ahead and target 10000. I will buy more tokens when I get my salary soon. This is right for me because I post here often, this is a worthy investment. I also hope I can help others with the power I have. Let us continue powering up and helping Appics be the best place for passionate photographers and just anybody who loves sharing pictures as a passion. Power up and support others, everyone's passion should be rewarded! Thank you, Appics community!


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Wow, congratulations! That is a good goal to have. I'd be glad to support, see you around!

Thank you, Mermaidvampire. I will support you as well. Stay amazing!

Wow.. Congratulations😘😘

Keep it on, an investment for the future 🥂💯🚀🚀🚀

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