Today is day 1 of 7 of the vegan detox challange. Why are we starting this cha ...

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... llange? We have been eating vegetarian for about 1 year. But we want to try if we can also eat 100% vegan. We want to start this challange to detoxify our body.

This morning we started with a Matcha chocolate shake and an oatmeal pancake with bananas and blueberries


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I was a hardcore non vegetarian 🙈 i used go eat eggs & chicken almost every day.. and switching to a vegan based lifestyle was a difficult decision! I guess it would be easier for you considering you are a vegetarian 💯

Few years ago I also ate all food and I loved eggs, cheese and off course also meat. But after a TV documentation I changed my thinking. After that I started to be a vegetarian. I hope it will be easy to switch to vegan lifestyle. The only problem is I LOVE cheese 😂

Mhm that looks delicious! 🙏😍 I'm looking forward to hear how this week will be for you and Mathias.

It was very delicious 😍 Im also looking forward to the challange and how it works.