1. August is #spud4steem day! I power up about 5198 Steem. It is a really great ...

in APPICS7 months ago

... feeling to have more SP🤘


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Indeed true! I'll follow this awesome initiative too! Keep it up!

Respekt, wie das?

Hive in Steem getauscht😉

is grad extrem schwer zu sagen welcher Tausch mehr Sinn macht :-)

Steemit is a good website to earn money

Thanks for participating in #spud4steem - great power up you did there!

I took your starting SP of 63,112 and added the 5198 which gives a new total of 68,310! - based off those numbers i worked out you had a 8.23% increase - is that what you get?

Oh, yes it is!

Thank you😊