🦋Summer Challenge 🌞Yesterday was a the hottest summer day so far and what better ...

in APPICS2 months ago

... way to spend it than with your friends in nature 🍃 ✨

Since @agent @soldier and I sit inside on our laptops most of the time we decided to not just spend the day sitting or laying in the sun, but instead get active and take a canoe 🛶 out on the lake, read, write, bathe in sunshine and create some content 💃🏻

Of course we had to take the opportunity to join the summer challenge created by @lonistellina and @charline.cherie

Share your colorful summer moment on APPICS with the hashtag #summerofappicschallenge for a chance to win some APX! ⚡️ (i am not participating)

Good luck 💫


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My 3 favorite woman of Appics @umaofficial @soldier @agent looking so beautiful and colorful for the Summer of Appucs Challenge, Love it!! Hope the canoe ride was a lot of fun, wish I was there!

Appreciate it! 🙏🏽And yes we had a great time 😊


You are so beautiful girl...

So colourful 😍😍

Yess that’s the challenge 🦋

Looking so Beautiful💞💞💞


3 gorgeous in 1 frame 😍


Haha, love it, look at all the virtual butterflies vibin too.

You guys are looking so good


Beautiful outerway..My three favourite persons in one frame 😍😍


So beautiful guys and good shot

Beautiful ladies, nice 👍

It is very nice to see everyone

3 cutiepie 😍

3 beauties in 1 picture 🧡

Yessss Whst a beautiful shot 🔝🔝🔝💋

Thank you🙏🏽

Here we are seeing a colourful summer


Nice Boomerang catch.... you guys are definitely looking stunning on it 🤩✨😎


Three strong girls 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽


thank you so much ☀️🙏✨


Pure Sumer vibes

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