✨ Overdressed for online meetings is the new normal! Spending months in quarantine ...

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... has been a challenge for all of us and even though the Appics team has been able to get back into weekly meetups, we still work remote most of the time.

👩🏻‍💻 If you‘ve ever worked from home you know how tempting it is to just stay in your PJ‘s all day. But what I’ve noticed is that when I don’t get dressed for the day and stick to my morning routine, which includes a cold shower and some physical exercise, meditation and getting dressed, I‘m automatically less motivated and subsequently productive throughout the day.

Just think about going on your dream date. I‘m sure you would want to make an effort to look put together and not like you just woke up. Why? Maybe to some extent for the other person, but more importantly to feel good about yourself.

💭So why not treat every day like the first date? Why not put on your best outfit and makeup for a date with your laptop, for all the amazing work you will spend time with? Why not look and feel the best everyday while being your most productive self?

Of course not every day you will feel your best and that’s totally normal as well (I still love my sweatpants). But as long as we put in the effort regularly, get dressed, show up and set ourselves up for success, with a killer morning routine - our productivity level overall will increase which subsequently will create more consistency in our daily happiness.

✨Look great, feel great, do great!


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Classy woman🤞🏼🔥


Its cool when you have an online meeting and wear a fancy shirt on top and just the snuggly PJs at the bottom... as long as your camera is keeping the PJs hidden you are all good 😅😅

Haha yes! I’ve done this too many times 🤭

So fancy 😍

Love your looks! 💗

You look amazing ❤️🤍

Wow.. Really looking so cool.. Good shot,,,

You look so beautiful, I like this picture so much

you look like a star

Aw thanks ☺️

Look like a model Dear 😍


Honestly, you are right it's very important to treat ourselves better everyday 🙏
Btw you carry every outfit awesome way 😉🐱

Thanks for taking the time to read! 😊

Ready for the red carpet💯😉

Haha soon ☺️

Angel girl👸❤


You always look awesome, no matter what clothes on🤩🤩

How sweet of you ☺️ 🙏🏽

You look great.

Beautiful ☺️

Wow, you look fantastic, so beautiful Uma! And your right, lol I spend most days in my PJ's , my hubby likes to jokingly call me Pajama Boss lol!!🥰😁😂🤣

Hahaha i know that feeling too well. Thank you Karen 🙏🏽☺️

Your welcome 😃

Great motivation for the people who feel bore to work from home. You know when i sit before my pc I make the environment like that I am in work place.

To be honest ma'am, as a student i have getting a huge motivation from all of you. A man how friendly and hard-worker and patience. I won't know if I miss this platform. When I see your work, speech , attitude I just thought it's the good time to turn over the new leaf. You will also be glad to hear it that I have also small tried to motivate users by Appics motivational song, and yesterday upload it. If you check it Hope you all enjoy it.

I appreciate that! Just watched your Part 2 and it’s really well done. Thank you 🙏🏽 ☺️

Looking great

You look like the Bosses, Boss..! 👍🏾

So cute😍😍

I think you’re never overdressed...the others need to adapt themselves to you. I like that style Uma ✨🤩... outstanding nice ✨👌🏿

..like your Style..overdressed is a relative thing, I m sure in ‚others eyes‘ you would be overdressed also in your sweatpants..best wishes... enjoy....🙏😁👍🌹🦋🦄

If you make efforts, success will come one day..💯❤appics to the moon🎉..have a great day mam❤❤

Absolutely! 🙌🏽☺️

Empress Uma

For me and mainly my daughter, during the 2+ months of confinement...it was 2 full months of pyjamas🤣🤣🤣 !!! A lot of lazy days...
Ps. You girls rock it in any style😍😍😍

Your sense of fashion is amazing:)