Since we have to wear masks, might es well do it the right way - repping APPICS ✨ ...

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... Comment „🤎“ if you want us to include custom APPICS masks in a special release we have coming up 👀


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You look like soldier stallone and Umavenger nice pic😁

Haha I‘ll take it 😆🦾

Haha i love that 😬

I am crazy about both of you

Yep, include them in a special release, take them in the Appics shop as well 💯🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

And, btw, you two remind me on Zorro 😅💯

Ok good to know 👀

Super Masks 😷😷... Just right for the @smileyappics challenge this week, it’s Mask Time... keep safe 💚🤍




I think im gonna going to do 1 like this here in mauritius🥰🥰

Stay safe, &Super masks ♥♥

stay safe,amazing idea of the posting

Wow so beautiful

The design is so cool, I really like it. 🤎

Great to know 🙌🏽

I want a mask like these. Beautiful✨

Glad you like them 🙏🏽

The Mask of Appics 😍 - Perfect for the movie poster.


Woow yeah! Appics masks are spectacular. 🥰👏🎉🎉 And you are so beautiful!

wow!! Best of luck🎉🙏

Mask design has been very beautiful. Can I get such a mask?

really so beautiful looks and good shot

wow 😮 looking so beautifull @umaofficial 😍

Extraordinary i'm already crush with you 😍

Gorgeous ladies!

You are both looking so gorgeous 😍😍

Thank you 😊

Both are looking so beautiful with Appics mask 😍😍


Wow, So Beautiful @umaofficial and @soldier ! 🥰🔥 you guys really know how to rock the awesome Appics Mask Merch!! I would love to have one of those🤩🥰😷

🤍 noted!


Wishing you Long live, stay safe.🙏😊

Same to you 🙏🏽☺️

So chic😍😍😍

Thanks girl ☺️💗


Where to get this masks here in Germany

They are not on the market.. yet 👀

If you have one or two „leftover“ I have a German adress to ship to and some token to send.

The two look awesome together

I wait for buy mask for all my friends and family 👪


Woooow .... girls you killed it...💥💥💥✨🤩👌🏿

that would be awesone to add... it will just be a great reminder in future that though there was a pandemic thats happening arouns the world... still there is appics inspite and despite of 😊 you two nailed the fashion week 👌😍

Thanks for the kind words 🥰

Great the booth beautiful outfit

Its getting hot in here 😀

Wow I really need this mask 😂

I need this mask in my life😍 So stunning ladies🤩

Amazing idea of the postings

Thanks ☺️

I think it is a good idea to put it into the APPICS Shop.

Greetings Michael

Thanks for the Feedback 😊🙌🏽

Both amazing 🔥🔥❤️❤️

Thank you! Great to see you sharing your talent 🙌🏽😊

It’s my pleasure ❤️🙏🏻 and thankyou for appreciating my talent! So much love to you both ❤️🥰

The appics mask is cool. ❤️🎭
I think it should be in the market.

Oh how could I miss this beautiful picture 🥰🥰🥰stunning ❤️