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RE: 2020 is coming to an end. This year has shown us that even though we can’t be close ...

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Hey, I love Appics but I wonder why my account says I have 99 dollars worth of APX when I only have 300 tokens. Where do these pumped numbers come from? Would be grateful for some light on this.


Hello there @vientolibre, I love appics too and we, in the Ambassadors team are happy that our members are loving it. The Dollar sign you see is the ICO price of the token (during the launching). Kindly disregard that one though that is the goal @$0.15 ...

It will be updated soon once we migrate to the Telos Blockchain from steemit.

For updates and if you wanted your questions to be answered real-time, please join the Telegram GC. Search for appics_official.

See yah.