‼ Father's Day Contest ‼ 》》》 Inviting Y'all to submit your best entry! Any best ...

in APPICS3 months ago

... Photo or Video moment with your Dad, Kids or Grandpa.

👉 Share them here and let us know the story behind your entry.

》 Follow @wilsonblue5 for more futurr contests
》 Use the tag #Bestdad for your entry
》 Entry open Today Sunday 06-21 until Saturday 06-27.
》 Winners will be announced on Sunday 06-28

See the photo above for more details.

Share.. Share ....Share.... and invite friends!!


I am very much excited for all your entries!

See y'all Appicsters!


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You are really the best Dad!

Yes and I appreciate most dad sho take good care of their children most especially when they are yet too small.

Congrats with your contest.

Yow! Encouraging everyone to join the contest. Will pledge 150 apx liquid tokens for this awesome activity!

How generous you are! Now ww have a prize for our next contest! 👏💪👏👏👏

Love the new term for us! #Appicsters! You definitely raised the benchmark my dear photography mentor.

I actually like that. Everyone is an #Appicster !!!

I will join!!!!!!!

You should. Can't wait to see your entry!

brooo👊🏼that's an amazing initiative that you bring up this contest🙏🏼i love it. I will for sure participate and further more I will promote your contest within the community. way to go my friend🙌🏼

@hauptmann, thanks bro.! I can't wait to see your entry! Thank you for being supportive on my my posts. This is just a small initiative to appreciate all the Dads out here 💪

What an awesome initiative! My Dad passed away many years ago and I have no online photos, but will try to enter, im sure you will get many entries!

You must be missing your Dad. As someone living in a foreign land with my Dad being in my hometown country, I do miss his presence but thanks to this technology that I can still talk to him. This is just a small initiative to show how we appreciate all the Dads out here. I can't wait for your entry. And thank you in advance for promoting this! 😊

So nice of you to host this competition. It's the best feeling to be a father I guess. As I'm not married, i cannot enter haha. But I will watch all posts closely. Wishing all great dads a good luck!!

Thank you bro. Maybe my next contest you can join 😉

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