Today's diary game is a highlight of our little madam's make-up ahmadbhatti

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Hello friends how are you i hope you are all well and i am fine too and my heartfelt prayer is that you all keep smiling happily as always۔
Friends, today we have our little madam in our house, just like there are little children in every house, so there is a little girl in our house, there must be a naughty girl in every house and there is a blessing of Allah in our house which Time keeps on making the heart of the family happy by doing some mischief, so in the same way you can see some pictures of me in this picture, she is picking up make-up at home and spoiling her face because when Mac If it was happening, the children would be with him, if the children are very naughty, if they are interested in such things, then he also did something like this today, without telling anyone, he picked up the make-up stuff and enjoyed it. What a mess۔

The center of prosperity of our home is a little girl named Sidra who always entertains her family with her mischief.

Anyone who harms children like this in the house, if there is any harm in our house, then the blame goes to a girl named Sedrah because she is naughty and is very interested in such things.

Now let me tell you about her mind. If she is mischievous, if the elder of the house criticizes her once with anger, then she gets angry. At such a young age, she has such a mind.
Whatever work is to be done voluntarily, there is no fear of anyone۔
She goes to school with great enthusiasm and spends her days there with other children very lovingly۔

I am thankful to all my friends who took their precious time to read my post and go through the post and read it and I hope you like my post and Thank you for your support۔

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Thanks for everyone

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Bendiciones para usted y su pequeña. Saludos!.