It comes true as you think

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have a good idea
have fun imagining
At some point, just like those thoughts and imaginations
The body moves and reacts.
And in those thoughts and imaginations
get closer

Some say it's a dog dream, a vain dream
It's a useless imagination
You may laugh and ridicule.

that ridicule and ridicule at someone
I really think it's bullshit.

to die
sound of death
don't grumble
It must be like the sound of death.

It sounds obvious
The result is also obvious.
just do what you think

put it down a bit
look around
try to tidy up
thinking of something precious

I am today too
Half grumble, but half
everything else is good
Have fun imagining
There are so many good things.

let's not forget
done as you think

Today too, noisily..
Thank you, love and bless you.

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Thanks you
Best Regards:@ amir9988