Steemit Nursery Community Announcement updated on 13/5/2021

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Hello Newcomers and long time Steemian,

Welcome to Steemit Nursery Community!
This community was built with the purpose of helping in the retention of Newcomers at their early age starting off their journey on Steemit.
In the past, many newcomers feel lost and lost motivation to continue their journey on Steemit as they feel invisible and no support for their contents. This community is built so newcomers may introduce and showcase their topic of interest that they want to share with us here, making friends and networking with other existing long-time Steemian and getting to know the Steem Ecosystem at the same time by completing their Newcomers' Achievement Program at Newcomers Community.

In this community, you will be categorized as follow:

Our Greeter Helper will be giving you a title in this community according to the age of your steem account.

Newborn/Month and Year joining Steemit
age on Steemit from 0-6 weeks

Toddler/Month and Year joining Steemit
age on Steemit from 6weeks - 2 months

Alumni/Month and Year joining Steemit
age on Steemit over 2 months
when you have received the title of Alumni, we expect that you have found the community of your interest by now and you only commenting on the post of newcomers(Newborn-Toddler phase) in this community either to support or guiding them.
As an exception, other content that you think might help newcomers can be posted in this community.
You are welcome to join any contests organize by Steemit Nursery Team too.

Steemit Nursery Community Rules & Guidelines

📌This community was created to focus on the retention of Newcomer that is in Newborn to Toddler phase on Steemit.
❗If you have a tag of Newborn & Toddler:
Please attach the post link of your Achievement 1/Introduction post in every post that you publish into Steemit Nursery Community so other users and curators get to know you better. You have a greater chance of getting support on your content if you do this.

❗If you have a tag of Alumni:

  • 🆗 you may post your entry post into the contest organize by Steemit Nursery
  • 🆗 you may post any helpful content for Newcomers.
  • 🚫 you should NOT post your other general contents here❌
    Don't expect to be babied, pampered & taken care of forever, as soon as you somewhat adjusted, set out to see what you can do that will benefit others.

Please follow @steemitblog for any update on Steem Community

For the latest update on Steemit Community, please follow and checkout @steemitblog account daily.
We recommend that you follow @pennsif for the latest update and news on Steem Community too.

List of Contest on Steem Community

image by @habercitr

Participating in contests is a great way to get visibility and making friends with other users on Steemit. Here are the latest list of contest that you may join
Active Competitions//Steemit Activity Club Community //@habercitr(13.05.2021)

Also, this post by @pennsif listing out all the contest that will be closing soon
WIN WITH STEEM : Contests closing in the next two days @ 13 May 2021 - $630 to be won

Nursery Mentors coming soon!

We would be announcing the role of Nursery Mentors soon that will be working with 500SP Minnow Support Program and also the Steemit Nursery community. Each of these Nursery Mentors will be mentoring 20 newcomers until they have reached about 500SP in their account earning and they will be making sure these newcomers have found the community of their interest on Steemit and already become active members of that community.
This role will be open to old-time steemian and also newcomers that have received their Pro Newcomer Verified title in Newcomers Community and they should have over 500 SP on their own account too(not including steem power delegated to them)

All important guides, tutorials on Notice Board

Please check out any latest Notice Board at Newcomers Community to refer to any important tutorials, guides, and other information that you should know as a Newcomers of Steemit and also still applied to a long time Steemian too as we update all the latest information on security and other things in this post.

Notice Board of Newcomers Community Updated 13/5/2021

Keep on active on Steemit. Produce good, useful quality content and most importantly, engage and comment on other people's posts.

Coordinator of Steem Greeters Team projects.
Steemit Nursery Team.

 3 months ago 

@Cryptokannon gracias por la informacion, excelente para nosotros los nuevos usuarios, me ayuda a enterder mas la dinamica y organizacion de nursery community. saludos!!!

Buena publicación, quizás algunos no entenderán pero poco a poco se irán adaptando.

 3 months ago 

Thank you for the information regarding this community update, hopefully with the help of this community the newcomers will be more enthusiastic about making and creating quality posts.

Hello mam i think my post has not been visited regarding the application of steem greeter can you please check it thanks in advance.


 3 months ago 

Thank you for the information, we will follow anything that has been applied here

Thanks 👍 a lot for this favour . We are proud of you . You are really a great leader. I really very impressed from this post . I am sure that it is really very good for the newcomers and old steemians. Thanks for this favour .
We win together. We
We will get success together.
One goal .

 3 months ago 

Hello @kryptokannon, every day I admire more and more the great work you do within steemit, you are a true example to follow, greetings.

Thanks for the information and well guide us about this platform

 3 months ago 

Very nice tutorials and very educative too. Thank you very much for this

 3 months ago 

Very nice tutorial. It is really helpful all of us especially newcomers.
Your work is really helpful to newcomers to making quality post. You are doing an excellent work in the the progress and prosperity of steemit. You are really a great leader @cryptokanon.
Stay blessed!

 3 months ago 

Thanks you Mrs @cryptokannon for the enlightenment and announcement. We will work harder to produce good Content and comment on others post. This announcement had been so helpful and educative.

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much for giving me a useful information 💝

It made me happy that our weekly updated competition list is in such useful places :) thank you very much.

 3 months ago 

Very great information

Кстати, да! Удобно, когда все конкурсы у @pennsif

 3 months ago 

Hola gracias por la información soy recién llegada y aún me falta mucho por saber

Many thanks to the information that you've shared to us @cryptokannon it really helps me a lot especially that I am a newbie here.

 3 months ago 

Thanks for always having the newbie and toddler steemians in mind. It is good to keep in touch to enable us better understand how to navigate in the STEEM ecosystem 👌

Hello maam @cryptokannon thank you for the information , it was really usefull specially to me .

 3 months ago 

mam please add me newborn members

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much for this useful information ma'am @cryptokannon.

Hello @cryptokannon, please this is the link to the compilation to my achievement posts which has been reviewed by @yohan2on

Wao! This is wonderful. I need to follow this community so that i will be guided and equally build my SP

Thank you so much @steemnursery for sharing a useful post and informative post especialy for newcomers.

 3 months ago 

excelente guía, @cryptokannon . thanks you !!

Muy buena explicacion.👍 gracias

excelente información amigo @cryptokannon es de gran importancia felicitaciones por sus esfuerzo realizado.

 3 months ago 

Excelente trabajo el que estás realizando. Felicidades

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much for the information
Here's my introduction as a newcomer here I hope to be part in this community, again thank you so much

Buena publicación habrá manera de que me unas a steemit nursery?

 3 months ago 

Thank you for the information..

 3 months ago 

Very good @cryptokannon🌹🌹🌹🌹

This is a great start for newbies!!

I'll keep in touch.

An excellent post
Thank you so much for the information

 3 months ago 

Hello dear friend @cryptokannon good day
Excellent post, very clear the slogans.
A real pleasure to have shared my posts in this community
Have a great day

 3 months ago 

I saw your post. Your post is very good and you are working very hard and honestly and you use very good words in your post and you can tell us with very commentary about everything explains...

This is really nice, thank you.

Please how do I get labelled on this community?

 3 months ago 

thanks for the information. this is a good opportunity and opportunity for me.

 3 months ago (edited)

This very good post to us. So thank you very much for share this information

 3 months ago 

Thanks ma for the information and kind gesture.

 3 months ago 

Hello friend @cryptokannon, I would like you to help me or guide me how I can have a classification according to my time on the platform because, as you say, I am one of the invisible to the community. I don't get any vote from the curators. A support team is needed for people like me who, even though we make original and quality content, we are invisible. Thank you for your help, I trust you can guide me to continue on this platform.

I'm a newcomer here @crytptokannon. Your post is very informative and clear, I will follow the guides that you provided. Thank you.

 3 months ago 

Ya tengo el tercer logro pero no sé cómo presentarme en este mi comunidad, será que me puedes pasar el link para hacer mi presentación en Steemit nursery

 3 months ago 

Excellently spoken, may u remain blessed @cryptokannon

 3 months ago 

Saludos @Criptokannon, extensivo a su equipo de trabajo, gracias por brindarnos tan excelente informacion, especialmente a los recien llegados, es de mucha utilidad para ir conociendo mas acerca de Steemit

 3 months ago 

Quisiera ser parte de esta gran comunidad aquí les envió mi presentación, muchas gracias .

I would like to be part of this great community, here I send you my presentation, thank you very much.

Hello dear @cryptokannon very good post.

 3 months ago 

Thanks for the update

Let me write introductory post

 3 months ago 

Pls what will i do to have the label

 3 months ago 

Nice information @cryptokannon but hardwork can only if we are encouraged though I am aware that blessing is turn by turn...I will keep on doing my own part and I am confident that I will be visited one day.

Highly intechlectual

 3 months ago 

@cryptokannon muy buena información, ps muchos podemos tener la confución de si podemos seguir publicando contenidos en esta comunidad o no.. siempre conforme con sus publicaciones, saludos.

Thank you @cryptokannon, this article help me understand as a newcomer here in steemit,

 3 months ago 

Thanks friend, for your advice, I will explain what you say here. God bless you

 2 months ago 

I like your post your post is very beautiful and I impressed your post please cooperate with mee...

 2 months ago (edited)

Thank you very much for this guide lines.
I already posted some articles in your community. But I think that articles not checked already. So can I know about? @cryptokannon

I share two post in community but no upvote.

estoy interesado en participar

 2 months ago 

Very nice ms.Cryptokannon...🎈💐

 2 months ago 

Greeting, I am new in this community. I want to be a part of it.

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much for information & I'm new born member for steemit

 2 months ago 

@cryptokannon plzzz active my id in your community I have been working in your community for a long time
Thanking in Advance

 2 months ago 

Muy buena explicación

 2 months ago 

Good post @cryptokannon.

@ cryptokannon your post is very educative. You guys are really helping the new steemians

 2 months ago 

@cryptokannon ma'am, how can I get the tag?

Please @crptokannon I have not been verified on the achievement1 that I did. please use your good office to verify me. Thanks and remain blessed

 3 months ago 

Thank you very much for the useful guide

Please I will wish to inquire, how does one get a tag of a newborn. Because I have been here for over a week and yet no tag.

Or do I need to do something before getting the tag

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