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Hello to all steemians and peeps in steemit Nursery . Its been more then a week since i left from home to northern areas of Pakistan. As most of the people know that it's one of the most beautiful place on the planet. I will tell you all about how my trip went.


Me and my brother with all my family members have been planning it for last 3 4 months but as we work in particular system it wasn't possible for us to make a random plan and go any time so we had to plan it along with Eid holidays.


Idea was to make it to most of the adventurous places in north so thar we should have been able to have new experience.


As north is far from our own home we decided not to drive ourselves to the trip but hire some professional drivers and guides for the tour so we shouldn't be exhausted after such a long drive and must be able to enjoy


It took us almost as long as two days to reach our destination of Gilgit because of the traffic on Eid. But once we were there it was worth having such long distance covered

Different places

We went on to enjoy from 3rd to 6th day of our trip and exploring some beautiful places like naltar valley where there were Snow leopard amd very beautiful scenery
Next day we decided to visit Attabad lake as ot was the most beautiful place in our tour
Then from next day we went on to different places like PakChina border' hussaini bridge ' passu cones etc

issues we faced

As we have charms in our life as well as problems such was our journey to north. The biggest issue we faced was lack of network signals in those areas and we couldn't use our phone so i would like to tell steemit Nursery as well that it was the biggest reason that i couldn't post in less then six days . The other problem we faced was about traffic because of Eid holiday. The other problem we faced was the land sliding as it is always risky to travel through mountains


I would recommend people in Pakistan to visit those areas once in life as it is heaven on earth but would also say that it shouldn't be visited on holiday like eid as it becomes alot more hectic and tiring due to traffic .

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