The dairy game: A Regular day by @ebubennah

in Steemit Nursery2 months ago

Hello Steemians, welcome to my today's diary episode, it is indeed a pleasure.

The early hour's weather was calm and the breeze was soothing. The calm breeze woke me up around 6:01 am, I stepped outside to observe the skies, which happened to be one of my private morning routines.


I meditated outside, gazing at the skies, lost in thoughts 💭

After about 10 mins, I went inside to proceed with my morning chores routine, after that I showed and had my breakfast.

I spent a couple of hours studying charts, analyzing, and trading.


After hours of work, I slept to relieve stress and calm my mind.
I woke around a few minutes past 4, showered around 5:08 pm, and dressed to go grab dinner.


I came home around 7 pm, ate my dinner, and chilled



Spent the rest of the evening relaxing and unwinding.

That's the summary of my day.

Thank you for checking in.. peace!