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Dear steemians, I'm pleased to welcome you to my blog today. Hope you all doing well, as for me I'm in good health and I appreciate the give of life.


Today I want to write on upvotes. Most of us joined steemit because our mentor received rewards from creating quality contents, we heard about it and decided to join, after your first 3 posts, you gave up and start calling your recruiter, complaining about not being upvoted. Well today you will know from my post if an upvote is a guarantee.

What is steemit?

Steemit is a decentralized social media platform that is built on block chain using crytocurrency known as STEEM to reward its usee s for creating quality contents.

When its comes to creating quality contents, steemit have rules,

  • Plagiarism is highly prohibited

  • Illicit contents is not allowed

  • No hate speech

  • No harassment

As an author, know that steemit works on proof of brain concept, that is producing original quality contents. So as the author it is required that you should be creative in whatever write up you post. By so doing you will surely be rewarded.

What is upvote?

Upvote is a reward you earn from creating quality contents, which depends on how much steem power you have. To know the total number of upvotes you have, use this wonderful tool created by a witness @steemchiller known as steemworld.
To login, type on your browser

Go to vote count


How to upvote?

click on this arrow


Please note; it is wrong for you to upvote yourself, you can only upvote another authors post.


The simple answer is NO, but don't be discourage, continue making quality post definitely you will be rewarded. Also is advisable to build your steem power so as to earn citation reward.
Don't always depend on upvote, concentrate on improving your writing skills, abide by the rules in steemit.
To help you do this concentrate on dairy game. Show your tallent, use your word to create a post. Also read peoples post, give a meaningful comments, be busy on the platform.
The time you use on asking your recruiter about upvote, use that times to create a post. Have this mindset, that in steemit you don't only earn but you learn, by so doing you won't be discourage.

There are other ways you can earn from steemit, rather than waiting for upvotes;

  • Take part in contests,

  • Build up your steem power so as to join community curation trial and earn curation reward, delegate SP to communities and you will be rewarded monthly.

In steemit you need to develop this quality PATIENCE, you also need to be consistent. Make a post to learn, let your primary concern be to learn not to upvote, by so doing u won't be discourage.

Thank you so much for going through my post


Here is my introductory post link

 6 months ago 

It's absolutely right sist.....👍

It is great to comment - but it is always best if you vote on the post as well !

 6 months ago 

Thanks @steemcurator01 I will do it.....

 6 months ago 

Guys please vote me please guys

 6 months ago 

I agree with @eliany @steemcurator01 because I feel it myself. when I make a post it may not get adequate upvotes but I still try to write day to day with my abilities and I hope what I write can be useful for others....

 6 months ago 

Thanks for sharing your understanding of upvotes with us @eliany, truly steemit is the best platform to learn creativity everyday

It is great to comment - but it is always best if you vote on the post as well !

 6 months ago 

Oh my I will surely do that next time sir, I just feel that my vote is meaningless for now since it will not add any value to the post

The words have sank deep down. Thanks for this. This was the mistake I made and it lead me to being inactive for sometime. Thanks so much.

It is great to comment - but it is always best if you vote on the post as well !

Ok thanks so much, I have done just that

 6 months ago 

Eso es el deber ser la mayoría de los comentarios vienen sin un voto positivo a favor del usuario, pero respeto la posición de cada uno de ustedes por ejemplo yo no estoy en contra de autovoto, pero si pienso que uno debe ser constante y tratar de aumentar la calidad en cada publicación, variar los temas y publicar guía a los nuevos usuarios que tanto lo necesitan de guía en cada proceso que vayamos aplicar

 6 months ago 

I'm glad you are encouraged by my post

I now understand the principle of upvotes.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge, this will encourage me make more quality content than just waiting for upvotes. Thank you

It is great to comment - but it is always best if you vote on the post as well !

 6 months ago 

That will be good @jasperviky looking forward to read more of your post

Truly requires patience, consistence and hard work

It is great to comment - but it is always best if you vote on the post as well !

 6 months ago 

Wow! Thank you so much @steemcurator01 for upvoting my post i'm so grateful.

Ok, thanks for the suggestion

 6 months ago 

Please vote me please

 6 months ago 

Yes dear @ejwilliams,

This is really encouraging @eliany. Thank u!

 6 months ago 

Thank you so much, that's very heartwarming and encouraging Post you've made.

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