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Hello steemians ,

Between pine trees and deodar trees
the blue sky is pretty
Is the rainy season over?
The sky is clear and blue ...

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Hair cells have an uneven top
like a piano keyboard
There is one nucleus on each key.
It is a hair cell with hair.
Each of them is tangled like an electric cord.
When neurotransmitters are released
Thread-like nerve cords are pulled
Open the ion channel in the head
There, the precious potassium ion K + flows in.
That's how nerves are transmitted and heard ...

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Potassium ion plays such an important role
Salty foods often constrict blood vessels, but
Potassium dilates blood vessels
an important ion
Potassium is abundant in vegetables and fruits.
Renal patients with cokalemia or
Except for diabetic patients
Fruits and vegetables rich in potassium are good for the body.
can see
Bananas in particular are a treasure trove of potassium.
as well as potassium
Tryptophan, the source of serotonin and melatonin
It is also rich in the amino acid tyrosine.
It is also rich in magnesium Mg, a favorite of neurotransmission.
The best food for tinnitus
I dare say banana
Tinnitus is called stress blood circulation immunity.
It is thought to occur due to
Stress is unavoidable
enough serotonin to fight stress
Bananas will be a good choice
You can get help from SSRIs developed by Homo sapiens.
Immunity needs to raise basal body temperature
Just as plants make glucose through photosynthesis, they raise basal body temperature through aerobic exercise such as steady running
Humans need to synthesize enough vitamin D through sunlight. These days, 5,000 units of vitamin D are easily and inexpensively available.
The world has become available
Blood circulation and lymph circulation
Exercise should be done in parallel,
Above all else, energy depletion is a problem.
Consuming abundant high-unit multi-vitamins
I think it would be good to help the body with antioxidants...

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Holidays are a great time to replenish your depleted energy.
Sometimes it's okay to tan a little in the scorching sunlight
In the sky where the seasons pass
summer looks full




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