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Happy greetings to all steemians, I hope you all are well. It's my first time posting here and I want to introduce myself first and I hope to join and be part in Steemit Nursery Community.


I am @lealtafaith, 23, and I do believe that everything is possible as long as you believe in God and trust yourself you can.
Today I want to share with you a glimpse of my life and the feeling of writing about protecting mother nature.

Before I start, all of these photos were taken from Sirao Garden also known as Little Amsterdam in Cebu.


Mother Nature means so much to me. It's the same as human that needs care and love. Same love and care we need. That feeling that you feel like you means so much. That feeling that you are wanted and needed. That's how mother nature wanted us to do, to remind us how important nature is to our everyday life, and for a reason to balance our world.




It filters the air we breath. A beautiful decoration to the world that enable everyone's eyes to look at. It provides food, shelter and some of our neccessities that were made from nature.



Mother Nature needs our care and protection. Nowadays, our season changes and becomes unpredictable because of unbalance ecosystem. Lots of cutting trees with no replacement, mining and other forms of destroying mother nature. We, humans should reflect our experienced of super typhoons, floods, and other calamities we faced before that we are, our inhuman act and our lack of connection to nature are the caused on why calamities happened.


This warms my heart because this simple caption reminds me on how important they are and that they also are part of living things. They also have lives just like us.

Thank you for this great opportunity for letting me introduce myself and write whats on my mind today.
I hope you enjoy reading and feel what I feel in our mother nature today.
God bless us all and thank you once again.

Best regards,


@lealtafaith Welcome to Steemit. SteemON

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Thank you for the support

Welcome to the family of steemians brother @lealtafaith! Keep on steeming!

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Thank you so much