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Dear Heavenly Father,
Am very pleased:
Excited beyond words
For the unexpected dream
Of now, and the future

I see myself rise,
In the high dimension love,
Your love igniting an unquenchable fire
A red hot desire
To touch and make whole

All around me,
Millions of hurting, downtrodden folk
Waiting for an angel
To move the waters!
Oh! may I be that angel,
To dispel their gloom
Bringing wholeness,
To fractured lives.

Oh tender Father,
Shepherd, friend, Redeemer,
Fufill this dream:
Spinning in the spirit's energy,
Riding the tide of your river,
Growing tall in the spirit
The dream you've given me.

Thank you for reading.

[ACHIEVEMENT 1 LINK]https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@olachi/achievement-1task-my-introduction-to-newcomers-community-mentored-by-cryptokannon-or-or-by-olachi


Hello @olachi,

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