The Diary Game -08/05/2021- My Saturday Calculus Activity.

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It is yet another great day. We have experienced a lot and, we are still living. My God keeps me living. I make sure I always start my day with a prayer which I did this morning.

Book Swagg!

My day started well. Studies at school have been fun and troublesome. We are sailing through and, we are hoping to see the stars at the end of the day. May Allah see us through.

Solving Questions!

Do you know as you progress in mathematics, formulas change? I never knew until I learned calculus 1, 2, and 3. I am currently studying calculus 3 in school. It is what is taking up my day. Calculus 3 is what I am learning. I am just trying to find the tangents and normal equations to a plane in 3D. I am enjoying it. The lecturer uses videos for class. I use the video to serve as a guide to go through assignments and other personal studies stuff.

Questions from my laptop.

I think this is what will make my day. I am beginning to like the course. It becoming clearer now and then. I hope it remains this way till the end of the semester.

I hope your end is good too. School life isn’t easy but, we hope things get well. Especially, fasting and blending it with studies.

This is my day. I will say I have a calculus day!

I hope you have a great day too. Bye!