TRON Tokens, Bounty0x and Defi

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I have been creating guides for Token creation and Community building with a focus on Steem-Engine, but today I found another Tool that is just as, if not much more, useful than Steem-Engine Tokens.


TRON Tokens. I had no idea TRON had Tokens until yesterday, I actually didn't know anything about TRON. So I am going to start with the answer to this question before getting to anything else.

Why should I make a TRON Token?

I have been away from the Crypto space for a few years due to issues caused by the Bitcoin Foundation over the past decade, but I was shown Punic Wax serindipidously by the Carthaginian Gods and Imhotep. So I came back to Steemit, where I learned it was "Under New Management" with TRON and Justin Sun.

As you have seen over my past few weeks here I have written Token Guides. And yesterday was thinking about creating a Bounty List for my Steem-Engine Token, Shaligram [SHG]. And yesterday I remembered Bounty0x. Bounty0x was created years ago and is a place where you list a task to be completed, usually by a programmer, and they get paid in the Currency of your project.

You could pay someone to Fork a Blockchain, or Clone CryptoKitties and Devtome to create a game and a Wiki for your project, etc, etc.

Bounty0x accepts TRON Tokens.

This is reason enough to make a TRON Token, as it opens the door for you to create a Community Token on Steemit, and announce Bounties. This can be done in place of, or right alongside Steem-Engine Tokens. You could create a Steem-Engine Scot Bot to distribute your Steem-Engine Tokens, and a TRON Token to host your Bounty and other aspects of the Community. There are many other uses for TRON Tokens and your community as well.

Currently most currencies are made by Programmers to raise funds for a Virtual Project. The Future of Crypto is in existing Organizations, Companies, Families, Churches, Universities and States to adopt Blockchains and the Virtual space to expand their real Organization.

How to make a TRON Token

There are 2 options depending on your level of Computer ability.

Here are 3 Links that introduce you to making TRON Tokens

TRC10 &TRC20

Most Cryptocurrency users have seen ERC20 Tokens, which are the Tokens native to Ethereum. Just as an example, Bounty0x itself, mentioned before is an Ethereum Token. There are several well known Ethereum Tokens, and PGL (the Prospectors game Token) was an Ethreum Token and moved to EOS. uses an Ethereum Token also.

But TRON has TRC20 and TRC10. In Ethereum Token Creation you are writing a "Smart Contract", which can be as simple as a Novel Tradable Token used for Trade, Fundraising or Community building; or as complex as a whole video game with User Accounts and Banks and anything else. And everything in between, such as Token Exchanges or full fledged Cryptocurrency Exchanges, or Bounty0x type sites, or Gambling sites like Mark Cuban's Unikoin.

TRC10 Tokens are like this. You write the Contract and must learn to use TRON Command Line.

TRC20 Tokens are more simple. You spend just over 1,000 TRX which is $10-$30 and TRON will issue you simple Token. This is like EIP 1167 on the Ethereum Blockchain, but automated.

Here are the biggest TRON Token Projects

This is a big deal. This means that anyone can issue these Tokens. You could create one now.

Here are the Top 7 TRON Apps. A Blockchain App is called a dApp.


If you are not a Developer you still have a use for TRON Tokens. As mentioned before, Bounty0x connects you with Blockchain Developers who you pay with TRON Tokens.

And simply select an Open Source Project (meaning if you copy it you aren't stealing) and pay someone to clone it.

Just as an example, you might ask someone to Fork or Clone these, and create your own Wiki based Currency.

Listing TRON Tokens and Oraclizing


I will write a follow up expanding on Defi soon, but I wanted everyone tohave these resources here

More Coming Soon...

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